Miami-Dade County - Unincorporated PLUS

Open Issues: 31 Closed Issues: 17 Acknowledged Issues: 2
  • 9500 Sw 30th Ter Miami, Florida - Westchester
    On the curve at 95 ct and 30th terrace, individuals headed to drop off their kids at school or headed home speed at excess of 50 mph down the curve and through the street. In less than a year there have been nearly 10 accidents that I have witnessed myself. We need to get something done.
  • U.S. 27 Opa-locka, FL 33054, USA - Miami-Dade County
    Cars are making a last minute stop to make a u turn and avoid the lights, please review and install a significant to avoid u turns
  • 11800 Sherry Lane Town & Country Shopping Center, Miami, FL 33183, USA - Kendall
    The traffic lights are not synced so that they all turn green at the same time. This prevents proper traffic flow. The lights going down one street should all cascade into green so that traffic moves continuously and uninterrupted by one red light. The lights should be synced with a timer or signal to ensure that the street or avenue is all green or all red lights.
  • 6511 Sw 42nd St Miami, FL 33155, USA - US Congressional District FL18
    Speeding down sw 42nd street between 67ave and 65 ave has increased in last 3 months.dangerous
  • 5801-5827 Southwest 33rd Street Miami, Florida - Coral Terrace
    SPEED BUMP is absolutely necessary near this intersection on SW 33rd Street & SW 58th Avenue. There is a 3 way stop sign which is driven straight through on a daily basis. Small children live in all neighboring corner houses and it is a constant hazard! Have seen homeowners throw objects at cars that speed straight thru the stop sign. Must address!!
  • 6731 Sw 48 Terrace Miami Fl 33155 unincorporated Dade, FL - Olympia Heights
    The street in front my House is used as a cut through street for school buses and high school students who come speeding down the street. We would like speed bumps to be installed to keep our street safe. I have a three year old and two dogs which I regularly walk and I'm afriad for our safety while attempting to go for a nice walk.
  • 6753 Sw 22nd St Miami, FL, 33155, USA - Coral Terrace
    Motorists use SW 22 ST instead of Coral Way to travel East and West bound. Constantly speeding and driving dangerously on SW 22 ST. Area has limited sidewalk pedestrians must walk on the roadway. I am looking to get speed bumps installed or active speed limit signs indicating police presence in order to curb this issue. there has been numerous accidents in this street in the past where vehicles have crashed into residents damaging parked cars in the residence and damaging property.
  • 17071-17247 Sw 88th St Miami, FL, 33196, USA - Miami-Dade County
    Traffic light in 16770 SW 88th St Miami FL 33196 stays red and takes forever to change to green. especially in the morning causes major traffic congestion. People start making illegal left hand turns due to the problem. Please help!
  • 1929 Southwest 124th Place Miami, Florida - Tamiami

    There are over 5 potholes extremely deep and wide in between 19 and 20 Terrace and 124th Avenue. This is extremely dangerous. I tripped over one a few days ago and sprained my ankle. This Needs to get repaired.

    Note: I have many pictures if needed.

  • Sw 136th Street Miami, FL - Miami-Dade County
    This is to report the eastbound side of SW 136th Street between 137th and 132nd avenues. The street needs to be regraded because multiple utility cut excavations have been poorly compacted and cause many dips in the road. Consequently, the street floods during heavy rainfall and poses a hazard to drivers who risk hydroplaning. I know this issue won't get fixed overnight, but I would like it to be brought to the attention of those who can make changes happen.
  • 24800-24998 Sw 107th Ave Homestead, FL 33032, USA - US Congressional District FL18
  • Sw 105th Ct & Sw 151st Ter Miami, FL, 33176, USA - Richmond Heights
    Large pothole in the right land heading east. It often cannot be avoided because this road is very narrow.