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Village of Perry

Open Issues: 9 Closed Issues: 185 Acknowledged Issues: 8
  • Street MaintenanceAcknowledged
    53 St Helena St Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    Long standing gravel needs to be replaced with sidewalk. Village responsibility?
  • No traffic signAcknowledged
    9 Lake Ave Perry, New York - Perry
    Three way intersection, no traffic sign.
  • Leicester St Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    When is the damaged lawns around the village be taken care of after RG&E work has been completed?
  • Street MaintenanceAcknowledged
    52 Leicester St Perry 14530, United States - Perry

    The potholes are ridiculous at this point.

    Also, there is always an issue with vehicles parking at the end of this street, causing congestion and close calls for space. It’s especially bad during the school year. Can there be a “no parking here to corner” in that area on Hawthorne?

  • 2 S Main St Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    There's a crack that appears to be at the edge of the Borden ave bridge and probably caused by bridge movement, which can be seen in other places along that sidewalk where the joints are separating. Can the village grind this down to avoid pedestrian injury?
  • 33 Borden Ave Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    There is an electric pole in front of the first house on the left on Borden Avenue with a cable supporting it which is tied to a tree across the street in the woods above the creek. The tree it is tied to appears to have recently started to tip over. Perhaps nyseg should be informed? Another tree in that forest is also falling over and might fall on the chain-link fence.
  • Burlingham Books 2 South Main Street, Perry, NY 14530, United States of America - Perry
    Broken gas lid in sidewalk by country kitchen
  • 67-79 New York 246 Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    68 n center sidewalk heave
  • Missing SidewalkAcknowledged
    137 South Main Street Perry, New York - Perry
    This past fall there was work done and trees removed from the front of the yard. The sidewalk was damaged and removed and never replaced by the village. This is dangerous to the sidewalk plow operator as well as the kids who walk on it
  • Street MaintenanceAcknowledged
    50 Mill Street Perry, NY 14530, United States of America - Perry
    5" deep pothole is a danger on Mill. Please help.
  • Street MaintenanceAcknowledged
    Gardeau St Perry, NY, 14530, USA - Perry
    Gardeau St littered with pot holes trucks up and down street all day and night since Borden was redone trucks are now using gardeau st
  • BlightOpen
    1–99 Traver Pl Perry 14530, United States - Perry
    Green houses-are they a permit structure? They look very unkept and unstable