Winter Storm Leon Neighbor to Neighbor Assistance PLUS

Open Issues: 424 Closed Issues: 342 Acknowledged Issues: 6
  • 715 Chimborazo Boulevard Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Chimborazo
    City keeps not coming to get this and it keeps getting worse! Please remove IMMEDIATELY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!
  • 2540-2546 Ellijay Drive Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    Curbing is unfinished at corner by developer of @1377 apartments
  • 3767-3787 East Ponce De Leon Avenue Clarkston, Georgia - Clarkston
    Deep pothole in east bound lane. No asphalt remains.
  • 2326 N Decatur Rd Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    When hit by passing traffic, large chunks of pavement fly. This is a high pedestrian and bicycle traffic area - serious risk of injury and property damage.
  • Jarvis Klapman Columbia, South Carolina - West Columbia
    Giant pot holes cover Jarvis Klapman Bridge going towards West Columbia
  • 2400 Tryon Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest
    This is an already narrow road with growing potholes that are making it difficult to navigate. I have to drive a routine pattern of swerves daily to miss the pot holes. They keep getting larger making it harder to avoid them.
  • Main Street Stone Mountain, Ga - Stone Mountain
    Pot holes from Stn.Mtn Lithonia to Main Street in the village. We have 2 sink holes on Olivia Trail in Stn Mtn.
  • Longtown Rd Ridgeway, South Carolina - US Congressional District SC5
    This road is so bad in Ridgeway that I hate driving that route anymore. It's terrible!! The highway dept keeps patching it instead of paving the entire road.
  • 645 Handley St Sw Atlanta/Fulton, Georgia - Westwood Terrace
    When the city completed the SW Beltline Connector trail last year, the small street of Handley SW was left torn up by the huge concrete and gravel trucks that were an everyday occurrence until completion. We have asked the city and councilperson for assistance in at least getting this one block of street re-paved but nothing has been done
  • Milam Circle Clarkston, Georgia - Clarkston
    The stop sign at the east entrance to Milam Circle has been knocked down since the first of the year. It has been reported to Dekalb County Roads and Drainage and the Dekalb Police Department has reported the downed sign, which is temprarily standing with the assistance of a 2x4 board.
  • 105 State Road S-32-68 Lexington, South Carolina - Lexington County
    Right lane should be a turn only lane to Corley Mill Road. Drivers going straight are causing major back ups in the week day afternoon commutes home.
    Still nothing been done & getting worse!!
  • Bella Marche Charlotte, NC - Charlotte
    Cars park on both sides of this narrow road and almost impossible to get through. If an emergency happened, Ambulances and Fire Trucks could never get through in time.