Winter Storm Leon Neighbor to Neighbor Assistance PLUS

Open Issues: 435 Closed Issues: 331 Acknowledged Issues: 6
  • Vinson Rd. McIntyre, Georgia - McIntyre
    2-3 bad potholes between Chalk Miner's Diner and Dedrick Rd.
  • 200 West Home Street Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Southern Barton Heights
    The stump from a tree that was cut down 3 years ago was never removed. The stump is located between the sidewalk and road on the corner of Home st and North Ave.
  • Bouldercrest Road Ellenwood/ DeKalb, GA - Clayton County
    Dear Sir:
    Please fix the potholes on Bouldercrest Road. They are awfu after the Clayton County sign. Once you enter Dekalb County, the remainder of the street is fyull of potholes until you prepare to turn on Pathersville. I know some tires havesuffered due to this. Dekalb workers were working on the ssue, but no changes seem to be made. Please take a look and contact the public works. I am already riding on a not so good tire.
  • Hidden Valley Dr Canton, Georgia - Holly Springs
    Theentire road is in horrible shape.
  • 1015 E Rock Springs Rd Ne Atlanta/Fulton, GA - Virginia-Highland
    Massive potholes along Sussex and Cumberland. This is a road used by school buses and church goers, including elderly parishioners. The entire intersection is riddled with potholes, including one that now measures 2x2 ft and about 10 inches deep. Please help. There is also a growing pothole leading into the drop-off turnabout at the church. This is used by parents to drop the youngest of the children at the daycare facility.
  • 556-598 Englewood Avenue Southeast Atlanta, GA 30315, USA - Chosewood Park
    Manhole cover is present, but metal storm drain cap is missing, leading to a 3x3 hole in the sidewalk.
  • 5100 West Wendover Avenue Jamestown, NC 27282, USA - Guilford County
    Traffic jam
  • 5201 Nelson Road Morrisville, North Carolina - Wake County
    Patches done last month did not last. Pot holes have returned. The entire length of Nelson ROad from Plesant Grove Church West to the end of the road is pocked with holes and broken asphalt
  • 954 Longfield Cr Charlotte Nc 28270 - Oxford Hunt
    My family moved into a neighborhood about 6 months ago that feeds out of Hugh Forest Rd onto Highway 51. While a light exists there, the problem is that cars heading south on 51 towards Pineville are often using that light to make u turns and cars making a right out of Hugh Forest that have a green light are colliding. Because there is an apartment complex next to Providence High school that does not have a left turn option, add to that Providence High traffic that wants to turn left, there seems to be a higher number of vehicles trying to make a u turn. The problem arises because there is no left turn arrow for the people making the u turn so there seems to be alot of ambiguity with regard to who has the right of way. People turning right off of Hugh Forest on a green light have the right of way but cars are still trying to make u turns and people heading south on 51 with a green light are making u turns and running into cars making a right on red. An arrow at the light would likely solve the issue or perhaps a sign that tells drivers who has the right of way. I'm guessing there is a record of the number of accidents at this intersection, however, the number of near misses I witness is on a daily basis.
  • Whiting Way Lugoff, South Carolina - Kershaw County
    The entire stretch of Whiting Way from Elgin to Lugoff needs to be repaved. Potholes, low shoulders, and asphalt decay need to be addressed.
  • 113 Belair Ln Stockbridge, Georgia - Henry County
    2006 Mitsubishi Raider -double cab
    GA tag- PMH 5911
  • 2152 Leafmore Drive Decatur, Decatur DeKalb GA, GA - North Decatur
    Work order 654502 was reported and "assigned" on December 20. Has not been repaired to date.