Detroit Water & Sewerage Department PLUS

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  • 18460 Fairfield St Detroit, MI 48221, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    At least for catch basins on this block are clogged. the last crew who work on this said it is tree roots and they did not have the equipment to fix. Street flooding extends from 18422 to Fairfield to 18460 Fairfield every time there is significant rain. Flooding extends up into several driveways and berms on both sides of the street. Please do not just mark this problem as resolved. It is not.
  • 5493 Marseilles Detroit, MI - US Congressional District MI13
    Street cover is packed solid with dirt and causes regular basement backups due to drain not being maintained and able to allow drainage. Whenever showers are taken, water does not leave the basement promptly. Whenever there is rain, the backups become worse and water pools at the curbside and remains in the street because of blockage. The city of DETROIT water Department or the responsible city Department needs to do their job and get this matter resolved promptly. My personal belongings are at risk of being damaged and destroyed due to this ongoing issue. Please contact me direct at 248-943-1411 regarding this issue or contact me direct at the address listed (5943 Marseilles, Detroit, MI 48224).
  • 4270 Fullerton Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI14
    when it rains one to three day consecutively basements flood as well the street drains have never been cleaned out by the city in the last 15years this was usually done on a regular basis however the Russell Woods/Sullivan area (historical neighborhood)have always had this service since our taxes that we pay does include this from the water and sewage dept.
    We need these drains cleaned out A.S.A.P.
  • 4390 Neff Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI13
  • 7852 Whittaker St Detroit, MI 48209, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    still blocked and have to kayak across the street
  • Vernor & W. Grand Blvd Detroit, MI 48216, USA - US Congressional District MI13
  • 2545 Sheridan St Detroit, MI - US Congressional District MI13
    Since the rains have begun water has backed up onto the middle of Sheridan Street it is now deep enough that it is coming up onto the sidewalk.
  • 7810 Gartner St Detroit, MI 48209, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    We just got new sidewalks on our block when the cement truck moved in to pour the cement the sewer drain collapsed! Please help fix this as this is our better drain on the block!
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    714 Delaware St Detroit, MI 48202, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    potholes surrounding the sewer have overwhelmed the sewer and has caused the alley to food, blocking garage access.
  • 8282 Minock St Detroit, MI 48228, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    street flooded - submitted by city inspector
  • 16576 Warwick detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI14
    I keep reporting this issue, and you eventually close the ticket, although it took over 3 months for you to close on 8/29. Of course it rained today, and the same thing happens after each rainfall. A HUGH lake effect in front of my house along with at least 4 other neighbors homes. I thought you guys were going to try to resolve this another way, as whatever is being done is not working. Please advise.