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  • 102-120 Temple Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green
    Multiple shattered glass panels in bus shelter on Temple Street on southwest corner of Crown Street -- adjacent to Kelly House.
  • Sylvan And Stevens Ave New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    At many bus stops it is difficult to enter on the bus with a wheelchair. The bus is unable to pull to the curb because of the snow. Each stop needs snow removed from curb so there is wheel chair access.
  • Townsend Ave New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Morris Cove has many elderly and handicapped residents who get home health aid from licensed health professionals who do not drive or can't afford a car. These people have to work in all kinds of weather. How about being kind and let these workers have a shelter until their buses come once an hour?
  • 20 Brookside Ave New Haven, Connecticut - West Rock
    No shelter
  • Sylvan Ave New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    5/24/2018 - Route 261 Bus #1848 was due at 8:26 a.m. did not arrive until 8:50!! Then it took this VERY SLOW driver another 20 minutes to get downtown. I missed 9:00 connection bus on Church and College! Not another one until 11:00!! I would have thought the original 40 minutes to get from Sylvan Ave. to Church and College would have been ample time! I guess I was wrong!!! ROUTE 261 NEEDS TO BE CHANGED TO EVERY 15 MINUTES ESPECIALLY IN THE A.M. RUSH AND ESP. IF YOU ARE GOING TO EMPLOY DRIVERS WHO CANT EVEN DO THE ONE THING THEY ARE PAID TO DO!!! We are not here on vacation. We have jobs and appts. and important events to attend to. Our time is just as important as anyone elses'!!
  • Concord St. New Haven, Ct. - East Shore
    It was nice to see a supervisor on concord st. today but sitting on concord doesn't seem like the greatest way to catch a bus speeding maybe try hiding on a side street????
  • Sylvan Ave New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    I would like to see in WRITING or on a map or on a schedule any possible reason why the 261 route can't be changed to every 15 vs. the existing 20 minutes! We would then be able to make ALL our connections to downtown! And where is the Sunday service we were supposed to get 2 years ago???!!
  • 737-755 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    CT Transot bus does not stop for pedestrian in crosswalk just now. Please site driver.
  • 1771 Quinnipiac New Haven, Connecticut - Quinnipiac
    Please move the bus stop from in from of my drive way they are continuously dropping trash and standing in front my drive way. I dont want any one to get hit please move it down the street towards Middletown Park.
  • Downtown new haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    What is the fastest/best way to travel between New Haven and Hartford area, on weekends, via public transportation?
  • 55 Church St New Haven 06510, United States - Town_Green
    Incredibly pungent urine smell coming from bus shelters
  • Concord New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    Stop him from speeding already. Videotaping and radar will be in place this week. Will turn it over to police when complete.

    Not having it any more.