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  • 263 Franklin Ave Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    Unending loitering, public drinking and public urination at City Grocery. Ownership does not discourage this activity.
  • Central Row Hartford Connecticut - Downtown

    At around 6:10pm I was riding my bike westbound on Central Row. Bus 508 was picking up passengers. When they pulled out, they almost hit me on my bike, despite the fact I had a flashing headlight. I had to move into the left lane to avoid being hit, thankfully there wasn't a car passing.

    This intersection needs to have complete streets facilities. I suggest a floating bus boarding island and route a protected bike lane behind it. This is in the NATCO guide and common in Europe. The intersection itself should have protected islands for bikes and pedestrians to reduce crossing distance and calm traffic.

  • 455-459 Farmington Ave Hartford, Connecticut - West End
    Been here for Almost months. Gix it please. I almost stuck my foot in there
  • Park Street 06106 Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    I was riding my bicycle eastbound on Park street in snowy conditions at approximately 6:30 PM when a CTTransit bus approached me from behind near the Broad st intersection and the driver began repeatedly honking his horn. He tailgated me closely and then passed me at an inappropriately close distance for snowy conditions. The bus was a #31 route bus and the bus number (on the top right rear side corner) appeared to be #728. It was definitely a 3 digit number with 7&2 as the first two digits. There was snow on the bus and I didn't have much time to read it. The driver was male.
  • 269 Franklin Ave Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    Tree on city property surrounded by 4ft. weeds. Becoming a neighborhood dumping spot.
  • 234-254 South Street Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    Parking for the businesses on South St., between Becket & Campfield is causing increasingly dangerous traffic congestion.
    This area is mere yards from a school & the playgrounds at Goodwin Park. That stretch of road is also a drop-off point for many school busses & is a walking area for students.
    I'm not sure you can help directly but I don't know where else to address it. Maybe a traffic study can be done or it may be as simple as making the street a one way? Thanks.
  • 1020 Broad St Hartford, Connecticut - Frog Hollow
    the bus stop in front of 1020 broad st always has cars park at the stop from people going into corner store so its hard for drivers to tell if your waiting have been passed a couple times,
  • 1138-1142 Maple Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    There is a jarring bump in the asphalt on Maple Ave. heading into Hartford from the Berlin Turnpike. The bump is almost exactly parallel with the turnoff to Fairfield Ave. & requires a dangerous reduction in speed while going straight down Maple in the right side lane at the turnoff, which also happens to be at a traffic light. It has been there for quite some time (years actually) & given that every car my family owns has needed mufflers fixed &/or replaced due to wear & tear damage from road conditions, it's high time it was addressed.
    Thank you for your time. I'm hopeful it will finally be fixed.
  • 94 Park Street Hartford, Connecticut - South Green
    Drain is clogged..corner of grandview terrace and henry st.
  • 264 Franklin Ave Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    Public trash barrel was removed from the Southeast corner of Franklin Ave and Barker St. It needs to be replaced
  • 96-114 South Street Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    Traffic congestion due to parked cars too close to the intersection of South St. & Franklin Ave. is getting worse. Most days, the traffic in this heavily travelled section is restricted to one treacherous lane. The problem could be addressed in conjunction with the gongestion further up the road at South between Becket & Campfield.
  • 66 Chadwick Ave Hartford, Connecticut - Lot Next Door - Parkville
    Within the last 24 hours, someone dumped two love seats/couches on the sidewalk in front of a vacant lot next to 66 Chadwick Ave. In Hartford