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  • 5308 Willard Ave Chevy Chase, Maryland - Bethesda
    After all the construction that has been done around River Rd, there are huge potholes in front of our house and on the corner of River Rd. and Willard Ave from all the trucks and rain. When trucks come by, they shake the whole house because of the potholes. The road needs to be repaved, or at least the potholes need to be repaired.
  • 3261 Automobile Boulevard Silver Spring, Maryland - Fairland
    Northbound Automobile Blvd. at Briggs Chaney Rd signs that show which lane to turn from are not lined up with the lanes. So it looks like you can go straight from the left lane. People are constantly going straight from the left lane and almost hitting people turning left onto westbound Briggs Chaney Rd. from the right lane.
  • Rockville Pike And Talbott St Rockville, MD - Rockville
    Pothole far right lane southbound on rockville pike in front of talbott center shopping plaza
  • Great Seneca Highway Germantown, MD - Germantown
    I gave up on this issue after writing a letter to the Gazette that was published, and to my state senator.
    Basically, the lanes were still grooved, and looked as if they still needed some major prep before blacktop was put over the grooves, and the project was deemed "finished." At first I kept thinking it was an unfinished project. If they were supposed to come bac to finish it, they forgot. A couple of years ago. I challenge you to drive on Great Seneca Hwy and show me another road like it anywhere. Only road I've ever driven on like it.
  • 1023 Brice Rd Rockville, MD - Rockville
    Could someone help my elderly aunt and uncle shovel their driveway and sidewalk? They are in their 80's and on oxygen! Thank you!!!
  • 1601 N Portal Dr Nw Washington, DC 20012, USA - Takoma Park
    Deep potholes on 16th St as it crosses above North Portal, particularly the lane that turns right into the park onto North Portal.
  • Ritchie And Piney Branch Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring
    This intersection is unbelievably unsafe for pedestrians, and cars, waiting to cross from Piney Branch to get to their neighborhoods on either side of the Ritchie Ave. There is also a daycare down the street on Geneva, parents use this intersection to turn left or right from Ritchie to get back on Piney Branch. Coupled with the morning school bus, which waits endlessly for cars to yield, the situation is currently untenable and unsafe, as cars race across the intersection when they spy a gap in flowing traffic. Is it feasible to install a 4-way light at this intersection so cars and pedestrians with strollers can get across Piney Branch safely? This would be very much appreciated.
  • Spring Street Downtown Silver Spring, MD - Silver Spring
    Large pothole has been on Spring Street off Colesville towards Cameron Street. I have gotten a flat tire about 2 or 3 months ago after making a right off Colesville. My friend just got a flat yesterday from this same pothole. There are so many in and around downtown Silver Spring. I've been a victim of 2 flats this winter. I know others who have the same issue with potholes in the area.
    When will it be fixed? How many flats does one have to get?
  • 9603 Rockville Pike Bethesda, Maryland - Bethesda
    Large Pothole in the center of Rt 355 Northbound at the intersection with Alta Vista/Bellevue
  • 5204 Norbeck Rd Motgomery, Rockville - Aspen Hill
    The snow storm past already 3 days ago we need asistance to remove the snow in our street is a inside road please we need to get out we have young kids
  • 8700 Plymouth Street (Entire Block) Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring
    There are 6, yes SIX separate loads of trash, furniture, beds, sofas, garbage all over the 8700 block of Plymouth Street. The loads have been there since thanksgiving and none of them have been removed. I've called 311 and written to MOCO. Still nothing removed. Now rodents are making homes in the trash in the evenings. This all started when the purple line started construction and closed the entry to Plymouth Street, its like the trucks don't come to clean the street or collect anything anymore.
  • 7816 Eastern Ave Washington, DC 20012, USA - Takoma Park
    Pedestrian signal is turned so that it looks like you have a green light to cross Georgia, when the green is io cross eastern avenue