City of Sandy Springs PLUS

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  • 2690 Mt Vernon Rd Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    It is 8:45 Pm and the air conditioning units at Life Center Ministries are groaning. This is like having a lawn crew running multiple leaf blowers in our back yard 24/7. This noise is greater than the allowed decibel level and is a nuisance. This violation of the noise ordinance needs to be stopped.
  • 277 Colewood Way Nw Atlanta, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Obstructing view from property 303 Colewood Way. Monday, March 6th @ approximately 7:15 am, I was involved in an accident at the stop sign at colewood way and bridgewater valley road. The person turning left onto colewood didn't see my car approaching on colewood way and she ran into me. The overgrown bush on this property is obstructing the view. If someone lived there, I would ask if they would cut it back. But since no one has occupied this property, I do not know how to handle. This is why I'm reporting to the city. Here is the police case # = 2017-002936. S Ellis 84
  • 6399-6455 Barfield Rd Ne Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    This undeveloped property on Barfield road needs addressed by the city. Sign and fence are falling down and an eye soar, weeds are nearly 3ft tall in certain spots, land owner needs to maintain.
  • noise complaintReconhecida
    192 Hammond Dr Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    the business next door refuses to lower the volume of their stereo. I called and filed a complaint. the police came out. the neighbors turned the volume down for a few minutes and now it is blasting again.
  • Mount Vernon Oaks Dr Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
  • 5555 Roswell Rd Sandy Springs 30342, United States - Sandy Springs
    There is animal waste in the ceiling of my apartment. The apartment has not let me out of the lease due to health concerns and instead has just patched the ceiling and painted over it. There are roaches everywhere and the apartment is disgusting. The animal waste began leaking through the ceiling. The property manager told me that it is because the property “is 40 years old.”
  • 180-214 Gettysburg Place Sandy Springs, Georgia - Sandy Springs
    Dunwoody Lakes Condo - Increasing piles of trash outside of dumpster for over a week. Increase in stench, vermin and insects.
  • 2690 Dunwoody Club Dr Sandy Springs, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    Sunday morning, 8:00 AM. Loud, whining AC units from Life Center Ministries can be heard from inside of my house, which is over 100 yards away. This is a noise nuisance and violates City Code. Just this year alone, (also reported numerous times in 2016), this problem has been reported since March by numerous individuals.
  • 2 Highland Valley Ct Nw Sandy Springs, GA 30327, USA - Sandy Springs
    Address is 445 and 455 Mount Vernon highway. Two places where trees are growing over the sidewalk and causing walkers to need to duck.
  • 2690 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    Loud whining AC units at Life Center Ministries. Can be heard over 100 yards away inside of my house. This is a nuisance and is a violation of City Code. Please enforce the code and stop this nuisance. 9:00 PM on Wednesday.
  • 2690 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    Loud groaning Air Conditioning units at Life Center Ministries on Sunday evening at 8:00 PM. There are no cars in the parking lot. We were assured that this issue had been taken care of. Apparently it has not. This is a noise nuisance. We would be very grateful to the city officials if they would enforce the City Code.
  • 5224-5242 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd Ne Sandy Springs, GA 30342, USA - Sandy Springs
    How long is a sign like this allowed to be up in a residential area? Does it require a permit? This sign has been up for over 6 months.