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City of Sandy Springs

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    6385 Riverside Dr Atlanta, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Very Increased and high amounts of left hand turns onto Riverside Drive from Edgewater Drive in afternoons with signs posted not to do so. If not left turns performed will then go straight across around island and do a a quick u-turn back into Riverside Drive (or turn into Driveway at 6385 Riverside Drive and come back to make the right turn).
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    6485-6499 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Repurpose leftmost straight lane as left turn lane for 400 NB.
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    6000 Sandy Springs Cir Ne Sandy Springs 30328, United States - Sandy Springs
    The intersection at Spring Springs Circle and Hammond Drive is a dangerous intersection while taking a left turn from Sandy Springs Circle to Hammond Drive.
    When heading south on Sandy Springs Circle there is no dedicated left turn lane which creates confusion for people trying to take a left turn onto Hammond Dr while heading north on Sandy Springs Circle. This has resulted in many accidents at this intersection. There needs to be a dedicated left turn lane on Sandy Springs Circle while heading south at the intersection of Hammond Dr.
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    1155 Perimeter Center West Atlanta, Georgia - Sandy Springs

    Most of the cars do not stop before making a right hand turn on red on to Perimeter Center West.

    I walk across this street every day along with hundreds of other pedestrians. I have been nearly hit multiple times. This is directly across from the Sandy Springs MARTA station and parking deck. It is the intersection of Perimeter Center West and the bus loop/parking deck entrance. This is also a bike lane here for which drivers should be extra careful to scan for cyclists. I propose some of those "Stop here on red" or "After stop right turn permitted on red" at every corner as it is a problem at each corner location.

    One day I took an 8 minute video to count up the cars that did not stop. 20 cars did not stop make a stop before turning right on red. 83% of drivers did not follow the law.

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    High Top Way Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    18 wheeler continuing to use Johnson Ferry road. Dawn Dishwashing Liquid 18 wheeler continues to use Johnson Ferry Road heading north near Wright Road. Was last seen at 6:30 am Monday, November 28.
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    5514 Sherrell Dr Atlanta, GA 30342, USA - Sandy Springs
    Construction vehicles illegally parked on both sides of road and in front of fire hydrant
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    655 Spalding Dr Atlanta, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Where is traffic calming promised by city council and escrowed by Ashton woods?
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    6116-6348 Barfield Rd Ne Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Speeding along Barfield. The speed limit is 35 but some people are going 55 mph.
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    6110 Harleston Rd Atlanta, GA, 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Crossing the street from harleston to the Johnson ferry sidewalk is extremely dangerous. There needs to be a crosswalk and flashing light here. I regularly see mothers with young kids trying to walk to the sandy springs library unable to cross the street safely, pedestrians, and kids walking to mount Vernon school. It’s a hazard and someone is going to get hit
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    6255 Weatherly Dr Nw Atlanta, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    On my way home, I followed a car with Cobb license plate BVU 5336 which did a rolling stop at the intersection of Heards Creek Drive/ Old Creek Trail and again at Old Creek Trail / Weatherly Drive. It is important that vehicles come to a full stop.
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    1 Mercedes Benz Dr Atlanta, Georgia - Sandy Springs
    Drivers turning left from Glenlake parkway onto Abernathy block the intersection so when drivers trying to go straight from Barfield/Mercedes Benz Dr onto Glenlake parkway they are not able to go straight becuase cars who turned left from Glenlake are blocking the intersection every afternoon for the period when the green light would allow cars to go straight. Once in a while there is an officer there controlling this but that is very rate.
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    6005 Black Water Trail Nw Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    tree down on riverside. traffic is being diverted onto residential roads, should be diverted onto river valley. very unsafe.