City of Sandy Springs PLUS

City of Sandy Springs

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  • 2690 Mount Vernon Rd Sandy Springs 30338, United States - Sandy Springs
    Loud buzzing noise like you would hear when exiting a fire exit. Possibly coming from new lights installed in the parking lot. Appears to be in violation of city code. This noise happens on and off and most recently started last evening. It is 5:00 PM on April 10 and the noise is still occurring.
  • 7710 Nesbit Ferry Rd Atlanta, GA 30350, USA - Sandy Springs
    Workers loud music, loud equipment, workers yelling! Unbelievable loud. Enough of this. Do something!!!!! HomeSouth is the owner and contractor.
  • 5375 Northland Dr Atlanta, GA 30342, USA - Sandy Springs
    Outbuilding in rear yard is an eyesore and dangerous. Needs to be torn down. Also large dead tree is in danger of falling on neighbors houses
  • 570 High Point Ln Ne Sandy Springs 30342, United States - Sandy Springs
    Renovation is being done without a permit
  • 5941 Hilderbrand Dr Atlanta, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    There is an abandoned Jeep Cherokee with a flat tire in front of the home. The car has been in the same location for several weeks.
  • 550 High Point Lane - Sandy Springs
    House is a short term rental and has not gone through appropriate steps and has not notified neighbors on either side. Recently had inappropriate group stay in the house that had an altercation with neighbors. Here is a link to the Airbnb
  • 7000 Roswell Rd Ne Atlanta GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Our Apt.has flooded twice in less than a month. First on May 29 and again on June 19. Despite supposed repairs. Water is coming in from multiple locations in the home. Under the carpet there appears to be a large crack in the foundation which is partially patched over except for the closet area where the flood began on both occasions. Water is also entering beneath the wall in the living room due to water accumulation in the exterior hallway Other apartments in the complex have flooded as well.
  • 4635 High Point Rd Ne Sandy Springs, GA 30342, USA - Sandy Springs
    Fence in a flood plain without a permit and chainlink
  • 6331 Hunting Creek Rd Ne Sandy Springs 30328, United States - Sandy Springs
    Firewood piles in front yards like this are a neighborhood hazard.
  • 2700 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    The cut up pine tree has been piled up since the tropical storm. This needs to be removed. It's visually ugly and probably attracting vermin. It is at the intersection of Mt vernon/dunwoody club and brookfarm Drive.
  • 39 Johnson Ferry Rd Ne Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    This the FOURTH time I have reported this. The resident at 39 Johnson Ferry Road dumps his grass clippings next to the sidewalk behind a wrought iron fence. When is the City of Sandy Springs going to do something?
  • 7660 Ryefield Dr Sandy Springs 30350, United States - Sandy Springs
    This ridiculous fence was propped up against the filthy nasty immobile trailer/camper as a solution to your last visit to their house!! I have had it this makes it sooo much worse and certainly does nothing for the view from my house. Why can you all not take care of this?? They need to put it in their very large spacious back yard at the very least. Has been going on for years. Please get this removed or moved to back yard. What do we have to do to get this taken care of? ???