City of Sandy Springs PLUS

City of Sandy Springs

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  • 7611 Regency Circle Sandy Springs 30350 - Sandy Springs

    This home is apparently being used as a business because on a daily basis there are more than 10 vehicles parked all over the premises.

    This is not a one house driveway. This is a subdivision that failed to build on multiple lots thereby allowing the one residential dwelling to encompass the vacant remaining lots.

    There are numerous cars coming and going and increased litter in the area and cars jostling in and out of of Happy Hollow to go to that high traffic residential home.

  • 7695 Ryefield Drive Sandy Springs, Georgia - Sandy Springs
    Inoperable cars
  • 2690 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    It's 330 pm on Sunday and life center ministries has a tree crew removing what look to be living trees behind their main building. The crew is then dumping the logs and brush into the gully behind the building which serves as a creek bed for rain water drainage from Mt Vernon Rd
  • 1085 Kingston Drive Northeast Sandy Springs, GA 30342, United States of America - Sandy Springs
    Landscaper for neighbor living at 1090 Kingston Dr starts cutting grass between 7-8 am every Saturday morning. I have told him more than once, that he is violating Sandy Springs ordinance. He ignores me and keeps cutting grass and blowing.
  • 7660 Ryefield Drive Sandy Springs, GA 30350 - Sandy Springs
    An old dirty camper has been in our next door neighbors driveway for years now. It has never been used or moved . It has to be a. Isolation. Not registered never moved and we have to look right at it every time we are on our deck which is every day. Please have them remove it. They have no regard for their neighbors and have said as much so it must be handled by sandy springs .
  • 500 Harbor Pointe Pkwy Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328 - Sandy Springs
    Large Ice patch/pool of water at bottom of right staircase at residential apartment (1500 Bldg). Happens every time after modest rainfall. If not ice, then need to walk through sizable pool of water; grading the sidewalk would be a simple solution but property management doesn't care. Improper water drainage, hazard, nuisance. PLEASE MAKE HARBOR POINTE adhere to building and safety codes!! Thank you!!
  • 0 Angels Walk Atlanta, Georgia - Sandy Springs
    Broken fence around detention pond. Land around pond is over-grown with weeds and kudzu.
  • 195 Underwood Dr Nw Atlanta, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    186 Underwood-No permit box accessible. Possible demo without permit.
  • 7640 Ryefield Dr Atlanta, GA 30350, USA - Sandy Springs
    Loud air conditioning unit at Life Center ministries. Can hear inside of house at least 100 yards away. Unit does not have any barrier around it. Needs a sound barrier installed. This is a nuisance. Please help.
  • 320 Amador Cir Ne Atlanta, GA 30350, USA - Sandy Springs
    Ladders, supplies, equipment should be screened with an enclosed fence or vegetative screen.
  • 7640 Ryefield Dr Atlanta, GA 30350, USA - Sandy Springs
    Dumping of stone and concrete from construction work in side yard. Will attract vermin.
  • 6650 Williamson Dr Ne Sandy Springs 30328, United States - Sandy Springs
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