City of Sandy Springs PLUS

City of Sandy Springs

Open Issues: 9 Closed Issues: 3,259 Acknowledged Issues: 1,675
  • 7630 Ryefield Dr Atlanta, GA 30350, USA - Sandy Springs
    High pitches mechanical whine from AC units at Life Center Ministries at 8:30 PM on Saturday. This is a noise nuisance and a violation of City Code.
  • 6331 Hunting Creek Rd Ne Sandy Springs 30328, United States - Sandy Springs
    Firewood piles in front yards like this are a neighborhood hazard.
  • 39 Johnson Ferry Rd Ne Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    This the FOURTH time I have reported this. The resident at 39 Johnson Ferry Road dumps his grass clippings next to the sidewalk behind a wrought iron fence. When is the City of Sandy Springs going to do something?
  • 5375 Northland Dr Atlanta, GA 30342, USA - Sandy Springs
    Outbuilding in rear yard is an eyesore and dangerous. Needs to be torn down. Also large dead tree is in danger of falling on neighbors houses
  • 5941 Hilderbrand Dr Atlanta, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    There is an abandoned Jeep Cherokee with a flat tire in front of the home. The car has been in the same location for several weeks.
  • 2700 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    The cut up pine tree has been piled up since the tropical storm. This needs to be removed. It's visually ugly and probably attracting vermin. It is at the intersection of Mt vernon/dunwoody club and brookfarm Drive.
  • 7000 Roswell Rd Ne Atlanta GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Our Apt.has flooded twice in less than a month. First on May 29 and again on June 19. Despite supposed repairs. Water is coming in from multiple locations in the home. Under the carpet there appears to be a large crack in the foundation which is partially patched over except for the closet area where the flood began on both occasions. Water is also entering beneath the wall in the living room due to water accumulation in the exterior hallway Other apartments in the complex have flooded as well.
  • 7710 Nesbit Ferry Rd Atlanta, GA 30350, USA - Sandy Springs
    Workers loud music, loud equipment, workers yelling! Unbelievable loud. Enough of this. Do something!!!!! HomeSouth is the owner and contractor.
  • 303 Colewood Way Nw Atlanta, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    The deplorable conditions at 303 Colewood Way are continuing to deteriorate. It is obvious the home is vacant and has been for at least the year since its last purchase in March 2015. It does not appear to be habitable since the current owner gutted the interior some time ago. Broken garage door windows, a tarp on the roof, high grass and weeds, clogged gutters that inhibit proper storm water flow and a general run down appearance plague this very visible and well traveled corner of the neighborhood. Please require the property owner to bring the appearance to an acceptable condition.
  • 995 Heards Ferry Rd Nw Atlanta, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Violations: 1-Excessive flooding run off into adjacent properties and city drainage 2-Storm water run-off erosion and sediment 3- better practice management
  • 876 Crest Valley Dr Nw Sandy Springs, Georgia - Sandy Springs
    Ongoing work at a site where a stop work order has been issued. Linked to previous submission.
  • 5555 Roswell Rd Sandy Springs 30342, United States - Sandy Springs
    There is animal waste in the ceiling of my apartment. The apartment has not let me out of the lease due to health concerns and instead has just patched the ceiling and painted over it. There are roaches everywhere and the apartment is disgusting. The animal waste began leaking through the ceiling. The property manager told me that it is because the property “is 40 years old.”