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Howard County, MD

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  • 10376-10382 Guilford Road Jessup, MD - Howard County
    Day Resource Center bus stops at Guilford Stayton - OOT was informed that DPW will install a parking lot on Guilford EB opposite Stayton. This will change requirements Ray indicated were necessary for ped crossing/improvements.
  • 9664-9680 White Acre Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    White Acre Complete Street Capital Project C0287
  • 11915 Simpson Road Clarksville, MD - Maple Lawn
    Simpson Road has sharp curve signs but it’s not stopping the accidents and speeding on Simpson Road. This is not the first accident at this location. The guardrail request is for the outside lane where the accident recently occurred.
  • Log Chain Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    I live off Log Chain Rd in Thunder Hill - a residential through-way that connects Mellenbrook and Thunder Hill Roads. Many drivers use it as a cut through to avoid the speed bumps on Thunder Hill, or to access Thunder Hill Elementary School, and they drive very fast down our road. With the elementary school adjacent to Log Chain, there are many children walking around and many cars driving very fast on this road; a very unfortunate accident is just waiting to happen. There is also a popular pizza take out restaurant on Log Chain and their drivers also take our road at high speed. I was wondering what steps would be necessary to look in to speed bumps on Log Chain Rd. Any advice you could offer would be great.
  • 13702 Wye River Drive Dayton, MD - Howard County
    Speed Study Request - Ten Oaks Road @ Wye River Drive
  • Lime Kiln Road MD - Maple Lawn
    Ray’s last comments on SDP 17-010b was for the developer consultant to resubmit with 2015 crash data and provide an estimate for improvements and share costs. Please check the response below per Ray’s comments in the pDOX.
  • 5149-5159 Ten Oaks Road Clarksville, MD - Howard County
    Check N/B Ten Oaks Rd approaching Linden Church Rd to see if there is a need for a sign indicating Linden Church Rd intersection ahead.
  • Old Frederick Road MD - Howard County
    Citizen Barb Stamatakis (4434353690) called to follow up a request she reported 2 months ago. She explained that the intersection of Old Frederick Rd and Forsythe Rd is very dangerous with blind spots. She said she was requesting a multiway stop sign. Has anyone taken her request before?
  • 11100 Oakenshield Circle Columbia, MD - Columbia
    The intersection of Wood Elves Way and Oakenshield Circle is a bus stop for high school, middle school and elementary school buses. In part of the Fall, during winter and part of the Spring months, the kids are waiting in the dark. The intersection needs a street light for the safety of the kids.
  • 9515 Kings Grant Road Laurel, MD - North Laurel
    Please verify the need for "No Standing or Stopping from here to corner" signs at Queens Guard Ct and Chaton Rd. See attached e-mail from Ray.
  • 8594-8698 Falls Run Road Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    I am a resident of Montgomery Run Community and I have been noticing lately that cars have been parking on both sides of the road on Falls Run Road near the pool. Would it be possible to conduct a traffic study? The map below with the red lines is where the issue is. This creates one lane of throughput for just one vehicle and often cars/big trucks try to squeeze by if one doesn’t let the other pass. Is there a way to make only one side to allow parking so this doesn’t occur? Maybe make one side a fire lane? It seems to be getting more prevalent and dangerous, especially in the early morning/evening when most people are home. The other morning at dawn I was halfway through the gauntlet and an opposing SUV entered and almost side swiped me. At that point, there was nowhere to pull to the side and let one pass. It also may not appear to be a problem during normal work hours, since most cars are gone. The road certainly isn’t a wide enough for two sides to park with two vehicles passing. That would make this a 4 lane road technically.
  • 6005-6049 Race Road Elkridge, MD - Anne Arundel County, MD
    Please review and respond. Consider installing a guardrail on Race Road between Hanover Rd and Furnace Ave (especially near the last sharp curve in the northbound direction past the asphalt plant).