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  • Dead AnimalAcknowledged
    Cambridge Turnpike At Sidney Lane Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Large dead raccoon on edge of roadway at the corner of Cambridge Turnpike and Sidney Lane.
  • 401-459 Main Street Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    the rail road bridge next to the south bridge canoe and kayak has had graffiti spray painted on it for some time and needs cleaning up. Im raising two young children here in town and the writings of, "send nudes" and "kids hate Trump" is disgusting. Id very much like to see it cleaned and security measures brought so individuals are not able to have access to do it again. Thank you
  • 73 Grant Street Concord, Massachusetts - West Concord

    There is two old Lead car batteries.

    It's on the right side on the trail( direction to West Concord). Near there is old white transformer box.

  • 344 Old Marlboro Rd Concord, MA, 01742, USA - West Concord
    With no sidewalk present on Cottage, and an overgrowth of surrounding vegetation on either side of the street at the intersection, walking in either direction on Cottage can be life threatening and extremely frustrating as drivers tend to enter the intersection without slowing down or, in fact, tending to increase their speed to beat the on-coming traffic.
  • OtherOpen
    84 Ayrshire Lane Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Shade Trees planted by the town have been heavily damaged. One large Oak has split and fallen onto a large Hemlock and caused great damage. Also, several other trees in the same planting area have lost their limbs. The DPW cleared the top of the oak from the roadway, but hazardous driving in the area continues. Small children playing in or around the area can not be seen by drivers until they clear the treefall and it is dangerous. I did call the DPW after the storm and was told we were put on a list, but the trees have not been cleared. I understand there is a great deal of damage in Concord. Can you tell us when to expect a cleanup?
  • OtherAcknowledged
    105 Commerford Rd Concord, MA 01742, USA - Concord
    A piece of the bridge wall has become dislodged and is about to fall into the stream. I have a picture if that helps.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    53 Middle St Concord 01742 United States - Concord
    Dead tree branch. Could fall on car or pedestrian. Similar problems with tree at corner of Academy and Middle St.
  • Broken curbstonesAcknowledged
    Concord Free Public Library Concord, MA 01742, USA - Concord
    A few granite curbstones in the Stow St. parking lot have been bumped by the snow plows out of alignment and there are some pretty big holes between the stones and the cement where they are supposed to meet. This is a big hazard especially at night since there is very little light in this parking lot and someone could easily trip in these newly created holes. some cones and hazard tape gor the short term would be good, short term. Thanks.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    146 Oak Hill Circle Concord, Massachusetts - West Concord

    I am requesting the following steps be taken to improve the safety and appearance of our neighborhood:
    1) Re-pave the 1.2 miles comprised of Sorrell, Oak Hill Circle, Shagbark, Bayberry, Crabtree Roads.
    2) Re-pave sidewalk on Lawsbrook Rd between Crabtree and Bayberry Roads, and Oak Hill Circle.
    3) Remove overgrowth covering the sidewalk on Oak Hill Cir between Shagbark and first driveway.
    4) Re-landscape areas along the same stretch of sidewalk on Laws Brook that were damaged by snowplows.
    5) Re-landscape the strip of land between Shagbark up until and including the address of 146 Oak Hill Circle
    6) Replace – not Repair, the mailbox located at 146 Oak Hill Circle.
    The sidewalk between on Laws Brook Rd. between Crabtree Rd and Bayberry Rd is in terrible condition. The snow plow has significantly damaged the grass along the sidewalk. Broken pieces of asphalt are strewn along the sidewalk.
    The sidewalk that rings along Oak Hill Circle is even worse. Residents put up orange cones in the worst places. The snow play has severely damaged the grass along the road from Shagbark to the driveway located at 146 Oak Hill Circle. Large pieces of asphalt are all along the ground between the sidewalk and the road. The mailbox at 146 Oak Hill Circle has been knocked down numerous times. A broken piece sits just below the mailbox now. It must be replaced – not repaired.
    The pot holes on Sorrel Rd, the intersection of Sorrell and Shagbark and the first 200 yards of Oak Hill Circle are terrible. The condition of these sidewalks and roads are dangerous for those who walk, jog, and bike especially for the many children and elderly who frequently do all of these activities.
    Year after year for over ten years, and really much longer all that the town has done was to paper over the many, many potholes only to see them deteriorate soon thereafter. The asphalt goo that is used to fill in the cracks each year leaves the road looking ugly and uglier.
    Every winter for the past 6 or 7 years the folks that plow Oak Hill Circle have knocked over my mailbox. It was hit again when we had the last snow storm at the end of March.. It was broken by plows in the past and the town has come out to repair it as I have, too. It is beyond repair at this point. Every winter the snow plows carve deeper and deeper into the ground area between the road and the sidewalk. The town may own this land, but they do not maintain it. This past weekend they knocked out large pieces of asphalt around a manhole in front of my house leaving a deep hole next to the manhole. I picked up and remove the asphalt pieces. There is still a big piece in front of the house next door to mine.
    I understand that the folks manning the plows are not doing all of this intentionally or maliciously. I understand that are trying to do the best they can, and they are diligent and reliable. I feel that the town neglects us because the homes in our neighborhoods are of less value than other parts of town. I also think that the town underestimates the amount of use that roads and sidewalks receive. There have been lots of home renovations in our neighborhoods recently. The residents in our neighborhood rely on many services to maintain the interior and exterior of their homes. And therefore we see a lot of large commercial service vehicles as well as school buses and delivery trucks that utilize Sorrell and Oak Hill Circle through out the day on a regular basis.

    Please let the length of this message (copy and pasted word doc) speak to the degree to which myself and many other residents living in my neighborhood are very disappointed in the condition of our roads, sidewalks and the damage done to the adjacent grassways by snowplows.

    Thank you.

  • 537-551 Cambridge Turnpike Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    This 1/8 mile stretch of Cambridge Turnpike is horrible. Full of patches and potholes. ...and it's the Rte 2 gateway into Concord Center. Is it ever going to get repaved? Not sure my tires can stand it much longer. Ouch!!!
  • 53y Powder Mill Road Concord, Massachusetts - Concord
    Litter is routinely thrown from cars on the stretch of Powder Mill Rd between Stone Root Ln and Old Pickard Rd, which has no residences. I walk down and fill a trash bag every few weeks. Please put up "Fine for littering" signs at each end facing cars entering this section of Powder Mill.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    111 Partridge Ln Concord, MA 01742, USA - Concord
    The large tree on the downhill end of our property at 111 Partridge Lane in front of the stone wall is owned by the town. It needs to be substantially cut back or pruned. It is encroaching on our lawn and rock wall.