Roosevelt Island PLUS

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  • West Road New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
  • 900 Main Street NY, NY - Roosevelt Island
  • West Road New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    Replacement of Street Light, and the row of lights running north along waterwalk are out because of electric line break unwired. No lights at night.
  • Street LightADIは、
    755 Main Street North New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    Many lights need bulb replacements. Just around the five apartment buildings that make up Manhattan Park we have at least ten fixtures that do not work. There are at least five lamps along the walkway behind the Octagon (on the Manhattan facing side) that are dark as well. Can these bulbs please be replaced? Thank you.
  • Street LightADIは、
    561 Main Street Roosevelt island, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Street light in front of the Card store is out.
  • Street Lightオープン
    480 Main St New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    Street lights out on 480 side of main street, across from 465
  • Main Street Roosevelt Island, NY - Roosevelt Island
    All street lights from the youth center to the ramp are out, across from Westview.
  • 465 Main Street New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    Multiple lamps along the riverwalk need replacement bulbs, as this area is becoming quite dark.
  • Street Lightオープン
    531 Main Street New York, New York 10044 - Roosevelt Island
    Street lights are out at 480.465, 510 and at the service entrance to Rivercross (opposite 510). How long will we need to wait for new bulbs in these street lamps???
  • 545 Main Street North New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    It's about time dog regulations are strictly enforced, and dog owners who are in violation pay dearly, so they will not do it again.
    See attached image, taken this afternoon on the beautiful east side promenade - full of dog poop.
    Totally unacceptable. What is RIOC doing?
    How about Public Safety who regularly patrol this promenade in their vehicles?
  • 2-4 River Rd New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    There is garbage under the benches on West Rd right near the Day Nursery playground. It has been there for a few days now (forks, beer bottle, junk). RIOC used to have a truck that went by every day to clean up the trash. Why isn't this been done any more? Our island used to be very clean! Please bring back the daily care. Thanks.
  • 645 Main St New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    It seems that every night behind PS 217 and up until Manhattan Park playground someone is eating dinner and drinking and not cleaning up after themselves. There are empty takeout containers, utencils, juice bottles, and general junk around and under the benches on the river. Can someone please start the daily patrol of the island to clen these things up? If public safety sees people in the evenings eating/drinking maybe they can give them a friendly reminder to throw everything away. Thanks.