Roosevelt Island PLUS

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  • 728 Main Street New York , NY - Roosevelt Island
    New lights are great and all the new renovations. Please fix the Manhattan Park side elevator. For many years we hear this is about to get fixed and there is a deal in place and it never happens. Please give us a timeline when this will be done. Thank you.
  • 510 Main Street New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    Verizon has had a small trailer in the 510 breezeway for over a month now. It's taking up one of two precious temporary parking spaces for no good reason whatsoever. Get it out of here. Please!
  • ParkingADIは、
    40 River Road New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    Car alarm incessentaly going off at 1 AM in the morning (for > 2 hours). Public Safety said they can;'t do anything. RIOC needs to change policies so public safety can ticket or tow such vehicles.
  • ParkingADIは、
    Motorgate North Elevators Roosevelt Island, New York - Roosevelt Island
    North elevator at motorgate near 40 river road, elevator closest to main street, door does not close properly and elevator gets stuck.
  • 455 Main Street New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Just south of the toddler park, there is an open door in the east seawall (along the sidewalk) leading to an open underground room about 7-8 ft deep. This is a dangerous condition. There is a risk that a young child could fall into this area. This door should be secured and locked.
  • ParksADIは、
    599 Main Street New York, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    5 months later...
  • 413 Main Street New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    One of the lawyer-designed objects in the playground is broken (a low, swing-like tripping device). Please fix, replace with something else or remove.
  • 501 Main Street New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Fence separating main playground from swing area at new playground so lose that it says (loudly) when the wind blows. Dangerous .... Please check this out and tighten whatever needs to be tightened
  • Dog signsADIは、
    425 Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island

    Last night a woman was walking her two dogs in the lawn opposite Riverwallk. She refused to get the dogs off the grass. Her answer was THERE IS NO NO DOGS SIGN.

    Of course the embarrassment of being publicly reprimanded helped get the dogs off for the one time.

    Please put signage on the lawn.

    It is so lovely and most people have respected the signs and fence.

    Unfortunately, some are inconsiderate and must be reminded.

  • ParksADIは、
    501 Main Street New York, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    More "No Dogs Allowed" signs desperately needed on Rivercross lawn! As Roosevelt Island is gradually overrun by dogs (without the consent of its citizens, but to the joy of real estate developers), the least we can do is actually protect the few areas that are specified as dog-free, so that they remain dog-free. Please add more signs around the perimeter. There should at least be some areas left where our children can play without having to step in dog crap...
  • ParksADIは、
    475 Main Street New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    I am a resident on Roosevelt Island. I took my children to the park (near
    475 Main street) last Friday and noticed several big but dead tree branches hanging in the tree. Two of them had already broken off from the tree but got stuck on the other branches. They look very strong and big. If someone is hit by them, it can be deadly hurts. I still remember the tragedy that happened in central park, which caused a mom and a baby died. I sincerely appreciate if you could help remove those dangerous branches to provide a safe environment for the residents of RI. Attached please see a picture I took. Thank you very much.
  • ParksADIは、
    701-719 Main St New York, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    The soccer field lights stayed on all Monday night. Can the timer be adjusted?