Roosevelt Island PLUS

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  • Cigarette ButtsĐược thừa nhận
    West Road New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    An enormous number of cigarette butts litter this area - it would be great if a bin was placed here to encourage people to keep this area tidy.
  • 549 Main Street Roosevelt Island, NY - Roosevelt Island

    The refuse containers are so badly kept that are increasing the likelihood of vermin and rats daily. In addition there is a large barrel of used cooking oil and surrounded by a large black stain on the brand new paved area paid for by RIOC.
    Since the containers used to be kept within an enclosure before the repaving, why it is no longer the case now?

    "Garbage receptacles (including dumpsters) must be covered at all times with securely fitting covers/lids."

    §16-120(a) FINE: $100 - 1st & 2nd Offenses $200 - 3rd & Subsequent Offenses"

    Thank you, in advance for your attention in this regard.

  • Trellis carbageĐược thừa nhận
    549 Main Street Roosevelt island, NY - Roosevelt Island
  • LitterĐược thừa nhận
    732 Main Street New York, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    Rose bush trimmings beside RI Garden. Please remove.
  • LitterĐược thừa nhận
    415 Main Street New York, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    Lamp post (or something) lodged against the sea wall on the east side of the island just north of Firefighters Field.
  • LitterMở
    Cornell Construction Sight New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    DUST from construction. My daughter got dust debris in her eye. She had to have it removed by a dr.
    My car filthy from dust. This is a terrible problem. Everyone is complaining. Please do something the streets are also filthy from dust. Please Help!!!!!
    So frustrated ......
  • LitterMở
    645 Main Street New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    The back of the school is constantly filthy. This is atrocious, there are kids that go to school here, they can get sick. There are always huge rats running around. Its disgusting.
  • TramĐược thừa nhận
    577-579 Main Street New York, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! When its hot can you PLEASE have the tram operators leave the doors open when docked? We really need the cross ventilation. Some operators do this - and say it's common sense. Others refuse. PLEASE make it a policy! Thank you.
  • Heat DangerĐược thừa nhận
    Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Because it is dangerously hot in the tram on warmer days (in fact, I
    wouldn't be surprised if someone passes out on the tram one day), I have
    suggested to a couple of the operators and to one of the guys in the control
    station that they place some industrial strength fans at the tram station to
    blow air through the tram while it is stationary and people are waiting
    inside. This will help remove some stale air and keep people a little cooler
    before it takes off. They could easily turn it off while the tram is in
    motion and turn it back on when it docks. Just a humble suggestion. Thanks.
  • TramĐược thừa nhận
    Roosevelt Island Tram - Roosevelt Island
    Another winter has gone by and the tram still has no cooling controls, nor do the tram stations, which now with the new imprisoning glass sarcophagus cook waiting passengers in the noon day sun.
  • 515 Main Street roosevelt island, NY - Roosevelt Island
    It is a relief that more females have been hired to conduct the roosevelt island tram. There are two African American men who work the tram. One is large built the other an older thin lighter skin black man(i am African American btw) these men act like they own the tram and who boards. The large darker skin one is
    intimidating and behaves so while
    the other is too froendly in a creepy manner.
  • ATMĐược thừa nhận
    Tram New York, New York - Roosevelt Island

    There needs to be access to an ATM by the tram because on days when the machines are taking only cash in the train station as well, while f isn't going to Manhattan. Situations like this causes people like myself who doesn't carry cash, a difficulty to get a metro card.

    Also the tram workers don't always get out of the tram so I had to wait two trams for the guy to come by and ended up having to go to Duane Reade and back anyway.