Town of Mashpee MAIS

Town of Mashpee

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  • PotholeReconhecido
    Great Oak Rd Mashpee, Massachusetts - Mashpee
    2 large potholes at the end of Great Oak R just beffore intersection with Wills Work Rd.
  • Sidewalk IssueReconhecido
    278 Main St Mashpee, Massachusetts - Mashpee
    On the Mashpee Walking Path at 278 Main St, the curb separating the path from the private residence was scraped up during snow removal last winter. As a result, the property now floods in heavy rain.
  • River Rd Mashpee, Massachusetts - Mashpee
    I would like to have RiverRd considered for repavement. While you have been diligently fixing potholes when requested, it is at the point now where it is alligatoring the entire length of road. Also, at my house #55 there is no berm so the water is washing out my front yard area from the street. There is a wetland on my lot so that can't be good either. Thank you for your consideration. David McKay #55 River Rd