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  • 53 Armstrong Dr North Attleboro, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough


    We are having a significant speeding issue on our road. I have 2 young sons (7 and 9) and we are very hesitant to let them be in areas of the yard that are close to the street. A number of vehicles turn from Whalen Drive at high speeds and accelerate once they hit the straightaway. I have asked the NAPD to show a presence on a number of occasions. There has been limited presence but not enough has been done to stop the problem. Obviously I do not fault them but we need visible speed limit signs and significant action in issuing tickets possibly. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Sean Walsh

  • 190-238 East St Town of North Attleborough, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough Center
    Can we get a no parking here to corner sign to alleviate the congestion at the corner of East and Fisher?
  • 26 Metcalf Cir North Attleboro, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough Center
    Unsafe cul de sac. Presently sign read Metcalf Circle obstructed by a tree branch. Traffic is constant at a high rate of speed for this small 6 cul de sac. We have a 12yo that is frequently out front on bike etc. There is also large amount of large vehicles, landscaping vehicles, trash trucks that are just turning around- which also results in broken asphalt throughout the circle. Looking for signage that states not a thur way or no outlet to hopefully decrease traffic.
  • Rodney Rd North Attleboro, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough Center
    A very serious traffic and speeding problem.There are no sidewalks and walking on our street is a danger and should not be this way. This goes on morning noon and all night. We need traffic control and more go slow children signs. Also the cars speed around Jefferson street and its a hazard to get out of my driveway.
  • 159 Cushman Road North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough
    one of the newly installed bridge barriers has been damaged and may not provide the protection it is intended to provide
  • 32 Bellevue Ave North Attleboro 02760, United States - North Attleborough
    Since the town decided to pave our previously unpaved road, we need a 10-15 MPH Speed Limit sign to prevent Parmenter and Bellevue from becoming a highway between Elmwood and Route 1. Although the road is marked “Private” it is clearly not private if the town can come in and pave the road with no notice to the residents and owners.
  • Fisher And Smith Street North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough Center
    The back of the Stop sign, reflects the sun to the point where it is a safety issue. It is almost blinding. I usually go thru around 6:30-7 PM so do not know if it is all day, and this is a recent issue. Thank you
  • 360 S Washington St North Attleboro, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough Center
    I have lived on South Washington since 1999 and since then the traffic on the street has gotten much heavier. But the real issue is the speeding. The amount of traffic exceeding the speed limit is staggering. At least 5-10 times a day there are people on motorcycles and in cars with little regard for safety going unbelievably fast. As a resident of the street and part of a family who are avid walkers I am terrified that someone is going to be killed before anything is done. This is a residential street. Please enforce the law of the speed limit on this street. A speed camera is the best solution and if not that, a consistent police presence is a must.
    4 telephone poles right across the street have been broken due to traffic accidents in the last 2 years. 2 of them in the last 3 months. It’s only a matter of time before this results in a horrific accident involving pedestrians.
  • 132 Old Post Rd North Attleboro, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough Center
    With local trucking, towing companies, delivery services, school buses, oil companies and more using Old Post Rd as their personal speedway I'd like to propose the installation of two speed "humps" to lower maximum speed to 35 mph, as Attleboro has done along May St., placed in areas where motorists tend to start adding speed thus helping to protect the kids and residents along this road.
  • 285 South Washington Street North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough Center
    Over a year ago the speed limit on Metcalf Road was reduced from 30 mph to 20 mph, and while there has been an improvement in the rate at which some vehicles travel down this road, there are still a number that are easily over 40 mph as they reach the bottom of the hill. This road is narrow and has poor sight lines, but is unfortunately a cut-through from Hoppin Hill Road and Anawan Road that allows vehicles to by-pass the light at 120, 1A and Rte 1. I have witnessed neighborhoods in Cumberland, RI are using increased signage and speed tables to deter vehicles from utilizing similar neighborhoods as cut-throughs. In the next few weeks LIberty Utilities will be digging up and then re-paving Metcalf Road in order to lay new gas lines. This seems like an opportune time to try something new in order to make our community more safe. This road is extremely dangerous for pedestrians and especially children. I think it is in the community's best interests to find a solution, before there is an unfortunate incident similar to what has been seen in too many local towns of late.
  • 472 Kelly Blvd North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough
    The crosswalk signals for Kelly Blvd to right on Landry do not work,! The others around the intersection seem to work but not the right onto Landry. I was passenger in car taking right at dusk on Saturday and a jogger had presses the button...other lights lit and blinked...NOT the kelley Blvd right on Landry lanes signals. This could be why vehicles are not stopping for people in crosswalk. Cant see light other signals in daylight. Very dangerous! Call me if you need more description. 508-695-4541. Marjorie
  • Longview Dr North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough
    is there a way to put a Stop sign at the end of Longview Dr please?
    Also, is it possible to make the intersection of Monclar Dr and Longview Dr a three way stop please? it is a bus stop and cars fly by everyday. there are many kids in this neighborhood. thanks