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  • 5 Calvin Rd North Attleboro, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough Center

    Newly installed flashing speed indicators already gone!!! Where’d they go? Trucks and cars flying down S. Washington St.

    Another person died this week in a north Attleboro at the hands of a reckless driver in a pickup truck.

    Between the vehicles drag racing on Rt.1 and down S. Washington, a residential street this town has never felt more unsafe.

    People are doing whatever they want in their vehicles because there are little consequences.

    Fix. This. Problem.

  • 165 Anawan Road North Attleboro, Massachusetts - North Attleborough Center
    Anawan Rd is 20mph . There are signs to this affect at each end of the street. I am home all day and watch the cars racing up and down the street. School is starting soon---even the school buses don't go 20mph!
    There are many children living here. It is a busy cut-thru. Would suggest some 20mph signs be placed Sutherland Rd and Anawan.
  • 675 Old Post Rd North Attleboro, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough
    Thank you so much for installing crosswalk signs. I wish they helped but did not. Vehicles still do not stop. They rarely stop during the day and more so at night. Is there any way one of those flashing markers could be placed in the center of the crosswalk with the State Law sign on it. Maybe it would stop them. Or a pedestrian red light. We even could use a cruiser planted there during meeting nights. Please help. Someone is going to get hurt. We have tried to put flashing triangles on the signs but they do no good. I cross with an LED flashlight and motorists still do not stop. Thank you for your concern. Janemarie Pelland
  • 2-98 Ellen St Town of North Attleborough, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough
  • 280 Draper Ave North Attleboro MA 02760, United States - North Attleborough
    The hedges near the bridge have gotten so overgrown that you cannot see when trying to turn out of Draper onto Allen Ave. This has become an extremely dangerous intersection. I almost got hit today by someone coming down Allen Ave purely because I had to inch out in the middle of the lane in order to see oncoming traffic. It's absolutely ridiculous that this problem has not been fixed yet. If it is the state that controls it, then contact the state and get these overgrown plants removed please. There is no need for them and it is only causing danger to drivers.
  • Att;Ebprp Crossing Attleboro, Massachusetts - North Attleborough
    Daily I have coffee at the Dunkin’ Donuts at Attleboro Crossings and observe at least one vehicle (sometime up 3) traveling the wrong way while entering or existing the plaza. This lack of clear marking leads to driver frustration and potential accidents. The entrance and exit ways are one ways but are not marked with any city signage. This situation could be simple remedied with one way signs and painted arrows on the road at minimal cost. The elimination of daily driver frustration, potential crashes and bodily injury is worth the cost and potential city liability.
  • 141 Elm Street North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough Center
    Sign is obstructed by a tree.
  • 150 Hoppin Hill Avenue North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough
    East bound side of Hoppin Hill Ave in area of 186 there is a 3-5 in. diameter broken branch overhanging the road surface. Approx 20 ft in length. Concerned it will fall with strong winds, strike a vehicle or cause vehicles to take evasive action on this curve.
  • 91 Paine Road North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough

    I just want to report the immensely high volume of speeding on Paine Road. We never have police presence on this road and there are children that live and play on this street. I'm afraid to check my mail at times. The times this seems the worst are early in the morning and from about 6:00 pm on. We would welcome an officer to use our driveway or put an electronic speed sensor on our property. The road is so narrow, hilly, and windy- it's dangerous and I would like to see it addressed. It is posted 20mph and I would guess the average speed is double that, or more. This road sees a LOT of traffic due to it being a cut off to Rt. 1 as well as people accessing the mall. Thank you for your time.

    Deborah and Peter Curtis

  • South Washington St North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough
    I stood at a crosswalk in the center of town trying to get to Los Antojitos tonight and half a dozen cars failed to yield to pedestrians. The same thing happened afterwards to cross back. A crosswalk sign should be in place
  • 22 South Washington St North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough Center
    People are not stopping at the cross walk in front of a elderly live. As they also use the center as a speeding ground please save are elderly before it's to late
  • North Washington Street North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough Center
    Nobody obeys this sign anymore! The speeding in downtown is outrageous. Someone will be killed crossing in the crosswalk some day soon if it is not enforced.