Town of North Attleboro PLUS

Open Issues: 269 Closed Issues: 653 Acknowledged Issues: 58
  • 880 Landry Ave North Attleboro, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough Center
    No Parking sign needed for safety reasons
    Please add a No Parking sign near mail box at 880 Landry Ave. Cars park in front of the mail collection box which creates a traffic safety hazard for cars and pedestrians as the area is directly off of the busy street and parked cars create a visual barrier
  • 338 Chestnut Street North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough Center
    Line of sight from Chestnut St. looking North on Mt. Hope is obstructed by a bush. People speed down this stretch of Mt. Hope. You have to edge your car onto Mt. Hope to see if there's oncoming traffic.
  • 1-181 Paine Rd Town of North Attleborough, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough

    Reduced speed is not being adhered to by drivers. High rate of speed of vehicles approaching from the corner of Allen Avenue less than 1000 feet away is at least double the posted limit. Children are not safe playing their yards and pedestrians are risking their lives without sidewalk.

    A speed bump would help actively enforce the reduced limit thus making this section of road safer for residents.

  • 157 West St North Attleborough, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough Center
    Stop sign at the corner of West St and Broadway Ext is rusted, broken, and leaning into the sidewalk. It is at risk of falling down completely.
  • 48 North Washington Street North Attleborough, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough Center
    Bus number 8 is consistently parked at the corner of church and washington during the day, making a left turn is completely blind. This arrangement is an accident waiting to happen. For that matter, parking spot on each side of church street should be limited to sedans and compacts for the same reason. Just dangerous
  • 105 South Washington Street North Attleborough, MA, 02760, USA - North Attleborough Center
    Can someone from the town or the Police department pay a visit to Gaumonds and ask them to tell kid who drives his Mom’s yellow Mustang to work, that South Washington St. is not the street to speed on. After all his employer has a business on the street and serves the local community. Bad for business.
    This kid routinely speeds up and down the street testing the limits of his excessively loud exhaust.
  • 58 Carlgate Rd North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough Center
    Applied for a stop sign a couple of years ago at John F Mason which comes onto Carlgate. The "solution" at the time was that it was not needed, and a speed limit sign of 30 was posted. That only continued to make matters worse, as now, they are going way too fast for this neighborhood. There is now a new street going in off of Carlgate, which is opposite of John Mason, so, it appears we will eventually need a four way stop sign, which will indeed slow people down. The limit sign of 30 needs to be taken down. This is a 15-20 mile limit neighborhood. Thank you, Linda Kieltyka
  • Whalen Drive Attleboro, MA - North Attleborough
  • 645 E Washington St North Attleboro 02760, United States - North Attleborough Center
    All lane line markings are worn away on Rt1 from Plainville line to Rt 120 intersection
  • 393 Kelley Blvd North Attleborough, MA 02760, USA - North Attleborough
    Would it be possible to relocate the green "industrial park" sign? It obstructs the "No right Turn on Red 7-4" sign unless you're the first car at the intersection. Driver's honk at the first car sitting at the red because they can't see the no turn on red sign. Thank You
  • Old Post Road North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough Center
    I would like to request speed bumps to be installed on Old Post Road between Draper Ave and Reservoir St. The speed limit is 30 MPH, but many cars and trucks drive this road much faster. People use this road as an alternative to Route 1. There are many children on this street and the speed limit signs are insufficient in slowing traffic. Please do something with the speed of traffic!
  • 6 S. Washington North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough Center
    The crosswalk buzzer is going off every 15 seconds at the intersection of S. Washington and Elm. This is the third night in a row this has happened.