City of Medford PLUS

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  • 68 Central Avenue Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    Sidewalks were repaired in front of big red brick building at 68 Central Avenue. As you can see in photo, about 3 feet of our lawn were pulled up and a big pile of concrete was left there. Other areas of repair had minimal damage but this part was left sloppily. This is unacceptable to leave private property yard damaged like this. Request is to remove lump of concrete and repair our front lawn grass to its prior state. Please repair or we will move to attorney on damages.
  • 21 Playstead Rd Medford, Massachusetts, 02155 - Medford
    Concrete sidewalk panel surface is in disrepair.
  • 2-98 Mason St Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    This section of the sidewalk on Mason St was dug up along with several other sections on this street a couple of months ago. As of right now we this section of the sidewalk has sat unfinished and dug up for over a month now with no change, and is unwalkable. Cones say Cassidy Landscaping.
  • 11 Brooks St Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Hi there, would it be possible to get the sidewalk repaired as it has seriously eroded Thank you!
  • 63–91 Allston St Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Gravel used to fill sidewalk is completely washed out and now occupies High Street Please address with a more permanent solution Last contact with residents around this, city said during paving season it will be fixed It's June, now This current solution does not hold up, clearly Thank you
  • 300–398 Park St Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    The new sidewalk being laid by the state lines up with the city sanctioned "parking platform" (that I am sure the engineers who designed without visiting thought was a sidewalk) and it is not accessible from the path pedestrians must use because cars are allowed to park on sidewalk Even if a state project our engineering department should ensure it doesn't worsen conditions
  • 55 Howard Rd Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Several shrubs have overtaken the sidewalk, making it inacessible for strollers and uddypedestr.ians
  • 94 Edward St Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Obstacle in sidewalk. There is a metal pipe coming out of the sidewalk a couple inches here. I tripped over it last time I walked through here.
  • Tisch Gym - Medford
    This sidewalk crack has been like this for a few years! Tufts sometimes puts an industrial rug over it to prevent students from tripping. I tripped the other day! I am requesting a public response as to why this has not been repaired yet - and when it will be repaired!
  • 1-199 Craddock Ave Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    Sidewalk is impassible due to overgrowth of weeds.
  • 112-114 Hicks Ave Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    The drain is sinking into the ground right at the sidewalk and the driveway it is a hazard to both vehicles and pedestrians that are near it
  • 34-44 William St Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    Sidewalk in front of 42-44 William St is uneven/coming up. This creates a tripping hazard for pedestrians and prevents car doors from being opened on the safe side, forcing people exiting into the already narrow street