City of Medford PLUS

Mga Bukas na Isyu: 568 Mga Saradong Isyu: 16,588 Mga Na-acknowledge na Isy: 986
  • 40 Canal St Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Dangerous corner and intersection for pedestrians. No sidewalk in front of 40 canal street, just some fading paint. Crosswalk removed years ago and never repainted. This is a major route to the brooks school.
  • Main St Medford, Massachusetts, 02155 - Medford
    Can they paint double solid lines in south Medford Main Street please worn out
  • 103 Playstead Road Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    All 3 crosswalks on Playstead Road could use a repaint so drivers can see it better from afar.
  • 1600 Mystic Valley Pkwy Medford 02474, United States - Medford

    There is no protected path for pedestrians on the northside of High Street across one of the busiest intersections around. Please paint a crosswalk here, even if there are ongoing studies about this area. It is an awful place to cross.

    Yes, there is a crosswalk on the southside. But there is no way to get to it without running through unmarked open huge areas of pavement. This can has been kicked down the road for years, fix it already before there is blood on someone’s hands.

  • 278–292 Harvard St Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Drivers have almost hit children crossing after getting dropped off at the school bus This area needs better traffic control if children are being dropped off here after school Multiple incidents due to impatient drivers
  • Lawrence Rd Medford, Massachusetts, 02155 - Medford
    Animal(possibly cat) is in the middle of the road.
  • Veterans Memorial Park Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Big dead bird, white head. Can't say whether it's a bald eagle but it's definitely big enough. Between the ball fields.
  • Baxter St Medford, Massachusetts, 02155 - Medford
    Poor deceased opossum.
  • 2–98 Marston St Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Squirrel on the park under the big tree on Marston Street, parallel to the hydrant.
  • 35 Court St Medford, MA 02155, USA - Medford
    dead rabbit at Roberts elementary playground
  • 56 Warren Street Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    Dead squirrel in front of 55 Warren St (yellow house set back from the street. The dead squirrel is under the tree in the street, been there at least two days.
  • Morton Ave Medford, Massachusetts, 02155 - Medford
    Dead rat on sidewalk that runs parallel to Morton right by the playground. I put a plant holder over it so no wildlife eats it. Could be due to poison