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  • 87 Piggott Rd Medford, MA 02155, USA - Medford
    whole in sidewalk
  • 95 Governors Avenue Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    Bricks undone....multiple bricks missing..hazard to walking.
  • Sidewalk IssueAcknowledged
    13 Princeton St Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    the roots of the tree have lifted the sidewalk to the height that people can trip and get injured.
  • Sidewalk IssueAcknowledged
    33 Watervale Rd Medford, MA 02155, USA - Medford
  • Sidewalk IssueAcknowledged
    917 Highland Ave Medford, MA 02155, USA - Medford
    This brand new $750,000 home doesn't have a driveway deep enough on the Stearns Street side so their cars fully block the sidewalk when parked. Please inform them they are not to park there. This was, I assume, signed off by the code enforcement office a/o ZBA and they should be ashamed. This is a safety issue.
  • 27 Emery Street Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    Next to the driveway, between the sidewalk and the curb, the soil is 6-8 inches below the sidewalk. Today I witnessed a woman pushing a stroller and the left front wheel went off the sidewalk and the stroller fell into the hole. Luckily, the woman caught the stroller and pulled it and the baby it was carrying back up onto the sidewalk. A serious injury to an infant was averted this time.
  • Sidewalk IssueAcknowledged
    41 Warren Street Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    It is actually grafitti in the street - but this wasn't an option in the menu. (Grafitti shows up in the list of issues to report, but not in the drop down menu.) There are words spray painted in white on the street in front of the house.
  • Michael Morico Acknowledged
    19 Mcdonald Road Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    Deep sinkhole across from 19 McDonald Road in sidewalk, very unsafe
  • Sidewalk IssueAcknowledged
    56 Monument St Medford 02155 United States - Medford
    Tree roots have uplifted the sidewalk. This has been an issue for many years. It’s gotten so bad that the curb has broken away.
  • Sidewalk IssueAcknowledged
    111 Fulton Spring Rd Medford 02155 United States - Medford
    The sidewalk is cracked and needs repacking. This leads up to my driveway, but I’m pretty sure I can’t pave it because it’s technically not my property line.
  • Sidewalk IssueAcknowledged
    800 Highland Ave Medford, MA 02155, USA - Medford
    sidewalk on the Sturges St side blocked because driveway not deep enough. do something about this. now.
  • Sidewalk IssueAcknowledged
    287 Main St Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    This is what the city did after I submitted an issue of a parking permit sign downed along my fence. It was moved across the street. That side of the street is extremely busy because of the bus stop at the corner. Children at the apartment building play in that area and it’s dangerous. This sign needs to be placed back up. The city is losing money because people are illegally parking at this section of the street. If the sign can’t go back up now, please remove it. It doesn’t belong on the sidewalk.