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  • 75 Ice Pond Road Attleboro, MA 02703, United States of America - Attleboro
    Thank you for the opportunity to report issues by using this app. I would like to report litter along County Rd and Tiffany Street. Is there a way to direct community service to these locations or is there a volunteer group. I'd be happy to join, but I cannot do it alone.
  • 1405 Commerce Way Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    All along commerce way there is tons of liter and dumping, I have called twice and email one other time to no avail- can someone address and have the owner of the large lot with the pull in close that area.
  • 47 Evergreen Road Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Corner lot Evergreen Rd & Sagamore believed to be a City owned lot, neighbors are always dumping leaves and brush, many times leaving piles out onto the roadway, should be a sign NO Dumping and notices sent NOT to dump, property looks crappy and was never like this prior, seems to have been an issue last 2 years.
  • 100 Rathbun Willard Dr Attleboro 02703, United States - Attleboro
    Before the street sweeper cleans this area if the street, can the sidewalk get cleared with a blower, so the sweeper can collect the accumulated litter?
  • 926-984 Pike Ave Attleboro, MA 02703, USA - Attleboro
  • Peckham Street Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Needles were found on the street as well as furniture and appliances in woods
  • 4 Melby Road Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    After the two recent snow storms snow has been plowed directly onto my property, blocking access. It is clear that it isn’t just typical street plowing but the snow is being directly pushing into the yard. This past storm also included dirt. I am going to take additional measures to also help maintain where the property line is but am hoping to eliminate this from happening again.
  • 36 May St Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Loose manhole cover creating loud noise and banging when vehicles drive over the sewer manhole cover located in the center of the road in front of 36 May St.
  • 9 May St Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    road drain is sunk below the road
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    176 Read St Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    There is a stockade fence along the side yard of 176 Read St that is in disrepair and about to fall down. It is very close to the bus stop and a potential danger to the children waiting for the bus.
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    257 East St. Ext. Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
  • 56 Slater St Attleboro Ma 02703 United States - Attleboro
    There are many potholes at Slater St/Knight Ave. they are getting larger as the days go on.