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City of Attleboro

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  • 3 Robert Street Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    There is litter, inoperable motor vehicles, trash, appliances, organic matter completely covering the front and back lawns of the property, with vehicles on the street as well. There are holes in the roof, siding and windows. The interior of the property is delapatated, filthy and filled with litter and junk. There is no gas in service to the home for heat or cooking. There is substantial overgrowth on the side of the house. There are animals on the property including 2 dogs without rabies shots, one of which appear to be suffering from mange. And there are 3 young children living in these conditions!
  • 75 Ice Pond Road Attleboro, MA 02703, United States of America - Attleboro
    Thank you for the opportunity to report issues by using this app. I would like to report litter along County Rd and Tiffany Street. Is there a way to direct community service to these locations or is there a volunteer group. I'd be happy to join, but I cannot do it alone.
  • 761 Thacher Street Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Is it possible to put up no littering signs along West Street and Lathrop Drive - with a find for littering. It is a weekly chore to clean up other peoples garbage on the side of the road. It is especially bad between our house and the tree farm along the wooded section. This would be very much appreciated.
  • 3 Robert Street Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    The yard is deplorable and there is a man living in the run down camper!!
  • 150 N Main St Attleboro 02703, United States - Attleboro
    A lot of trash on that property.
  • 103 Bank Street Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Two shopping carts dumped here
  • 100 Rathbun Willard Dr Attleboro 02703, United States - Attleboro
    Before the street sweeper cleans this area if the street, can the sidewalk get cleared with a blower, so the sweeper can collect the accumulated litter?
  • Corner Of Atwood St And James St Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    There is a broken box spring from a bed lying on the sidewalk on Atwood St at the intersection with James St. It has been there for quite some time and there are springs and broken pieces of wood sticking out of it. Someone could get injured if they fell on it and it hinders walking along the public sidewalk. Apparently Waste Management will not pick it up because it is not located in front of a residence.
  • 926-984 Pike Ave Attleboro, MA 02703, USA - Attleboro
  • 47 Evergreen Road Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Corner lot Evergreen Rd & Sagamore believed to be a City owned lot, neighbors are always dumping leaves and brush, many times leaving piles out onto the roadway, should be a sign NO Dumping and notices sent NOT to dump, property looks crappy and was never like this prior, seems to have been an issue last 2 years.
  • 195 Thayer Farm Rd Attleboro 02703, United States - Attleboro
    Large trash bag dumped on side of road
  • 191 Bank Street Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    One shopping cart dumped here