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  • Church And School Streets Westfield, Massachusetts - Westfield
    Both Church and School Streets look like the street sweeper never cleaned them. There is a lot of sand, bits of trash and about 600,000 cigarette butts on both those streets. Thanks!
  • 59-63 Laura Dr Westfield MA 01085, USA - Westfield
    The storm drain located on the corner of Laura Dr and dickens drive is not working properly. Storm water just by passes the drain and puddles in driveway.
  • 310 Shaker Rd. Westfield, Massachusetts - Westfield
    Need new curb and top of driveway that's being eroded by the water flooding over the storm drain...which I keep clearing.. so its the drain that can't handle the volume....and no curbing to stop it.
  • 530 North Road Westfield, Massachusetts - Westfield
    In the past I reported that North Road repeatedly floods across from the White Oak School due to drainage issues. This also causes the sidewalks to degrade. I was told when the road was repaired that the drainage would be addressed. North Road is currently being worked on in this area today (7/20) but the drainage does not appear to have been addressed. Please look into this while the equipment is in the area. Thank you very much!
  • 82 Apple Orchard Heights Westfield, MA - Westfield
  • 183 Loomis St Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    This area of Loomis St (amongst all others) has been a nuisance that has been reported to the city for years. Inadequate draining and failed attempts to correct it have allowed water to flow into the road and erode the entire street, especially the section between Janis and Whitaker. This winter, there have been times that water will seep in to the road during the day and then freeze up overnight. At one point there was over six inches of ice covering half the roadway. In the spring, summer and fall the road is just patched and continues to erode. The entire street is in disarray due to poor drainage. Seeing how the average tax payer on this street pays well above the average rate for the city, and 1/4 of the street doesnt even get 1/4 of the services provided by the city (sewage, water, natural gas etc) it is sickening that we also have a road that is becoming barely passable. On top of the street carving in from beneath us, the bridge is crumbling as it is evident when you look from beneath it. Please address the drainage issue and not put a wet band aid on it that will fix it for a week.
  • Pochassic Road Westfield, MA - Westfield
    caller claims water run off and dangerous
  • 30 Toledo Ave Westfield 01085, United States - Westfield
    Flooding all the way across the street. Issue has been attempted to be addressed several times. It forces large amounts of water up onto my property, and makes a driving hazard in the road, especially when it freezes
  • 11 Fern Drive Westfield, MA - Westfield
    Residents claim that the condos across the street have caused constant pooling of water at the end of their driveway and yard. Now that it's winter it is dangerous.
  • Eastview Drive Westfield, MA - Westfield
    caller claims run off still bad irene dr, susan drive, joann dr, eastview dr
  • 77 Feeding Hills Road Westfield, MA - Westfield
    caller claims after work done on the road the drains do not drain in fornt of 77 and 120 feeding hills road and ice builds up on them from the constant water
  • Western Ave Westfield, Massachusetts - Westfield
    Every time it rains there is flooding on Western Ave due to blocked storm drain...this freezes and creates a problem. The area of concern is at the entrance to WSU commuter lot across from Westwood Dr...at the light