Cambridge, MA PLUS

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  • 137 Prospect St Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - The Port
  • 109 Windsor St Cambridge 02139, United States - The Port
    Empty tree wells on Windsor St.
  • 214 Third St Cambridge 02141, United States - East Cambridge
    Please replant the tree located on the right on this picture back where it was on the left in this picture.
  • 113 Otis St Cambridge, MA, 02141, USA - East Cambridge
    Please plant a new large tree in this location to replace the one that was recently removed.
  • 79 Rindge Ave Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    This big old, dead tree was removed by request but the school still needs a new one! Something that will grow big and last for generations, hopefully!
  • 7 Chauncy Street Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9

    Sadly, an elm tree at this spot was cut down today (4 November 2021). Could you please plant another tree at that spot to replace it as soon as possible?

    Thank you

  • 14 Woodbridge Street Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Hello! The tree well in front of 14 Woodbridge St. needs a new tree. Thank you!
  • 2298 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Tree Planting Request
  • 109 Hammond Street Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138 - Agassiz-Harvard
    Cambridge arborist had a diseased street tree (maple) removed last fall of 2021. We were told a new tree would be planted in its place, to match the one in front of 111 Hammond. Could please confirm that this is scheduled, and when we can expect to see a new tree planted in its place? At the moment the mulch is spilling into the sidewalk making passage difficult. Thank you. Alison Kennedy
  • 89 Sciarappa St Cambridge MA 02141, United States - East Cambridge
    It would be great to get a tree planted to the right of 89 sciarappa As there is a gap in the trees and there is a spot in front of the adjacent garage
  • 100 Western Ave Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Riverside
    Dead young tree
  • 22 Whittier St Cambridge 02140 United States - Neighborhood 9
    There is no tree in this planting space and I’d like to request one