Cambridge, MA PLUS

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  • 69 Oxford St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Agassiz-Harvard
    The sidewalk integrity is degrading quickly, it's a border line trip hazard now.
  • 100 Harvard St Cambridge 02139, United States - The Port
    Cracks and openings near sidewalk manhole cover the sidewalk raises causing a tripping hazard as well close to the small driveway please fix
  • 122–140 Portland St Cambridge 02139, United States - The Port
    Sidewalk a mess with tripping hazards close to garage entrances after 125 Portland street before the bank
  • 1000 Cambridge St Cambridge 02141, United States - Wellington-Harrington
    Near the corner of cambridge and Windsor streets sidewalk needs repaving it’s a mess across from shell gas station
  • 1–99 Rockingham Pl Cambridge 02139, United States - Cambridgeport
    Concrete coming out of sidewalk
  • Waverly St Cambridge 02139, United States - Cambridgeport
    I have tripped twice over this piece of the sidewalk. It’s quite deep. And impossible to see at night. The whole section should be replaced.
  • 16 High St Cambridge MA 02138, United States - Cambridge
    Close existing tree well Sidewalk is too narrow to replant a new street tree
  • 35 Reed St Cambridge 02140 United States - North Cambridge
    Close tree well due to narrow existing sidewalk.
  • 34 Ash St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    Concrete sidewalk needs patching/repair
  • 1651 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge 02138, United States - Agassiz-Harvard
    This whole corner is deteriorating. It would be great to find a longer term solution than tarmac patches. Ideally, it would be relaid with a more durable material.
  • Main St Cambridge 02139, United States - The Port
    After the train track crossing before the grand junction sidewalk in bad shape near big manhole cover
  • 9 Upland Rd Cambridge MA 02140, United States - Neighborhood 9
    This has been there for months