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  • OtherAcknowledged
    2260-2298 Nw 11th Ave Gainesville, FL 32605, USA - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    It has already been looked at by public works, who were apparently not certain how to proceed. It public works can dismantle the tree it should redirect the flow, if not, Friday's rains will probably re-flood the homes.
  • 328 Sw 4th Avenue Gainesville, Florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    New Plumbing sewer piping on exterior of house not permitted or properly licensed.
  • OtherOpen
    110 Se 8th St Gainesville 32601, United States - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    Hydrant leaking
  • 417c Nw 39 Rd Gainesville, Florida - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    The ditch in front of Concordia condominiums needs to be dug out, its grown over and become almost flat, so it wont drain
  • 724 Sw 26th Place Gainesville, Florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    The dam constructed to maintain the level of the ponds has broken and the Colclough Pond and Kirkwood Ponds are draining. Water level has already dropped 12"+ in 24 hours.
  • 417 Nw 39 Td Gainesville, Florida - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    This ditch used to get dug out, now it doesn't so when it rains it overflows into the parking lot and road.
  • 1018 Northeast 28th Avenue Gainesville, Florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Someone has graffiti written on the stop sign on the North side of 10th street as well as on the road at the north end of where 10th terrace meets 28th avenue
  • 4303 Sw 20th Ln Gainesville 32607, United States - 311GNVPolice Sector 2
    Appears to possibly be some type of water pipe leak in or near the drainage ditch. It is actively full and flowing, but it’s not from storm water.
  • Grass (Tall/High)Acknowledged
    2074 Northwest 23rd Street City of Gainesville Municipal Boundaries, FL 32605, United States of America - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    Overbrush is covering 2 street signs for speed limit and speed bump. High traffic child area. Street sweeper needs to also sweep to the end of the street. We've lost over a foot and a half of road.
  • 3461 Sw 2nd Avenue Gainesville, Florida - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    The street light that is between buildings 312 & 412 and right near fence line that divides Hawaiian Village or (Weston Square Apts which is the new name of complex) and Village 34 apts is messed up big time. It turns on for exactly 1 minute and then shuts off for about 10 minutes and it does this all night long and has been doing so for over a mth! I went by the front office and told them and they still haven't done anything to fix it! Can someone please make them fix this light it is not safe for it to be doing this because of how dark it is back in this area of the complex! Thank you for you help on this!
  • 451 Nw 37th Ave Gainesville, FL - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Very dark at end of the street the next street over has one in the same area but my street is missing a light
  • 1003 Ne 22nd St Gainesville, Florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    Since I moved in. ..7/18 no working stove or oven, front door broken ,fixture in shower has no fixture only shower,dryer hot water tank on same breaker, no working hood vent in kitchen, no working smoke or carbon monoxcide detecters,Sicen 10/18 no working fridge or freezer. Since 5/22/19 ac not working. Told landlord today and he said he didn't care.