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  • 25218 Dodge St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    This neighbor has two dogs that bark non stop. The brown and white one in the picture and a big black dog. Yesterday and today they have been barking all morning. Sometimes it’s late at night. They just don’t ever seam to let them back in the house. We also have a dog so I get that it’s nice out and dogs like to play outside. However, we do not let our dog bark incessantly an neither should they. I work from home and this is disrupting my ability to concentrate on my job. I appreciate your help in this regard.
  • 18343 Common Rd Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    5 dogs in one backyard. Non-stop barking behind my house on common they live on park.
  • Barking DogAcknowledged
    17025 Lowell St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    They had their dog outside last night (2-5-21) for hours from midnight on. The poor dog barked non stop without them letting it in. I heard the barking stop around 240am but I have a privacy fence so I can’t see if the dog got let in or if it finally gave up from being cold. 2-6-21 they had the dogs outside for about 4 hours while they barked their heads off and it was 17 degrees outside. This is becoming a ongoing issue where at least 3-4 times a week this happens especially at night. They get messed up on whatever and then fall asleep and leave the dogs outside. I don’t want to have to call the cops all the time over something like this but I don’t want the dogs to freeze to death and I’d like to be able to sleep
  • Barking DogAcknowledged
    15900-16098 Flanagan St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    small toy breed light brown/ blonde dog is left outside most of the day. I have been woken up at 630- 7am on weekends on more than one occasion also have had issues with auto repair at same times ( air tools and hammering.) I have no issue during resealable times but weekends pre 7am is a bit much. Black dodge ram, white Tahoe, black Tahoe
  • 16600 Waterman Dr Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    About 2 weeks ago, a new renter moved in. They have a dog that barks at night and into the early hours of the morning - 11pm-4am. Often the barking will continue for a long time with a small break and then start up again. This morning it barked for at least a half hour at 3am, paused, and then resumed for a short time. It is tied up outside and they do nothing about it.
  • 29777 Gratiot Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    barking dogs
  • 28259 Edward St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Pet owner leaves dogs out consistently for an hour or more between 10 and midnight, and regularly between 4 and 6 in the morning as well. Dogs bark nonstop the whole time.
  • Chickens Acknowledged
    25664 Waldorf St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    They have 4 chickens in the backyard and wake people up in the morning.
  • 25315 Arlington St Roseville, MI 48066, USA - Roseville
    tall weeds, wild trees, grape vines, pieces of fence/gate laying in back yard. property been like this for about 3 years now. Used to be well taken care of, home owner my have passed away and house maybe vacant.
  • 29362 Little Mack Ave Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    trash cans not in rear yard ,two large tents in backyard used as storage for all kinds of junk!!! 3ft. pile of dirt and assortment of other junk in yard!!!
  • 30152 Dolphin St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Its 7:47am and my neighbor is cutting her grass. Is this within the ordinance?
  • RatsAcknowledged
    27088 Lawnwood St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Rats have been seen running to this property along with other animals into to garage that has several missing windows. There is debris around garage probably attracting the vermin.