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City of Roseville, MI

Open Issues: 109 Closed Issues: 583 Acknowledged Issues: 16
  • 28611 Bohn Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Unlicensed Dog left in yard w/o water or shade from dusk till dawn. Was chained to a fence for most of the winter - barking at all hours. Tosses it's empty food/water bowls around trying to get attention. Horrible smell from yard as they do not clean up the waste.
  • 17404 Roseville Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    This store has been closed and abandoned for several years. When is the city going to have this eye sore torn down?
  • 28370 Groesbeck Hwy Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Detroit Edge Tool needs to paint there back wall facing Cole street, looking very shabby. Also why can't the city plant some trees on that side of street where all the shops are? Would look so much nicer than looking at all these cinder block walls in back of these shops.
  • 30066 Little Mack Ave. Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Mega precast is a burned out mess! Please let Roseville residents know in what year this issue will be resolved!
  • 17100-17198 Wildwood Street Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
  • 18000 Lincoln Dr Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    This house burned a couple of months ago and is now sitting boarded up. The owner passed away from the fire. I heard rumors it was purposely set. Taxes haven't been paid in 8 yrs. Is the city going to do something with it or about it? Between that house, the house on Pinehurst a few houses south of 12 mile also boarded up and the church on Lincoln and Utica parking there cars all over. The city is starting to look like the ghetto.
  • 17101-17199 Wildwood Street Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    This dump has been empty at least 6 years abandoned tear it down.
  • 28362 Waverly Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    The shed is falling apart half of it is gone. There are rats living in it. Please have them tear it down tired of the rats in there.
  • 26681 Parkington Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    The house at 26681 Parkington is a eyesore it is falling apart and needs to be torn down.
  • 16221 Beverly Circle Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    This home looks abandoned very messy, tall grass & weeds, missing a lot of shingles on house & garage.
  • 26681 Parkington Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    This house needs to be torn down tree limbs and debris everywhere.
  • 29777 Gratiot Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    The sidewalk and steps around city hall are cracked and uneven. The asphalt filler isn't holding good. With what we pay for taxes, it is dangerous to walk over there and I almost fell. City is fast to issue violations to residents, but won't fix its own sidewalk. If I fall over there, I am going to sue!