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City of Roseville, MI

Open Issues: 22 Closed Issues: 715 Acknowledged Issues: 13
  • 17100-17198 Wildwood Street Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
  • 17101-17199 Wildwood Street Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    This dump has been empty at least 6 years abandoned tear it down.
  • 18000 Lincoln Dr Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    This house burned a couple of months ago and is now sitting boarded up. The owner passed away from the fire. I heard rumors it was purposely set. Taxes haven't been paid in 8 yrs. Is the city going to do something with it or about it? Between that house, the house on Pinehurst a few houses south of 12 mile also boarded up and the church on Lincoln and Utica parking there cars all over. The city is starting to look like the ghetto.
  • 26445 Chippendale St Roseville, MI 48066, USA - Roseville
    Roof needs replacement. pile of shingles on roof been there for at least a year. Missing gutters, house needs painting. Truck in driveway has not moved in over 3 weeks, that I have noticed, could be longer.
  • 27183 Belanger St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    There is a dumpster filled to the top with debris that has been sitting next to this rental property for weeks if not months. I see it every time i drive by it.
  • 26354 Academy St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Vacant House! For a month now, trash is piled up, lawn dug up front & BACK yard! Rats & squirrel getting in trash. No one lives there.
  • 25883 Collingwood St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    This clutter has been here since October 2018 time to clean it up im trying to sell my home please get them to clean it up
  • Animal wasteAcknowledged
    20313 E 13 Mile Rd Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    There is dog poop everywhere/around Microtel.
  • 25704 Waldorf Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Kids are using this abandoned home's backyard as a playground. This home is still privately owned, but is in complete disrepair and has been vacant for approximately 10 years
  • 26681 Parkington Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    This house is a total dump too far gone, has been reported over a year ago and nothing is done.
    This piece of - - - - property is still there only it is worse now the city said they are going to demolish the house WHEN? I tired of seeing this every day the house is full of rodents. maybe the neighbor's should get Local 4 to put it on the news.
    The city of Roseville needs to get some balls
  • 26355 Barnes St Roseville 48066, United States - Roseville
    Grass is a front tall; garbage all over front area
  • 27504 Elmhurst St Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    Grass is tall hasn't been cut yet at all this year van is still and the driveway couches and garbage in the backyard constantly see rodents coming from House needs to be addressed promptly