City of Portland PLUS

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  • Abandoned BikesAcknowledged
    Deering Ave Portland ME 04102, United States - Portland
    Bikes, trash, who knows what else under 295 overpass by Fitzie
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    330 Allen Ave Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    Camper style van has been parked behind Walgreens for months. I’ve previously reported and the result was the van moving behind Walgreens so as to not be visible by passing traffic.
  • BallfieldsAcknowledged
    Friends Of Deering Oaks Portland Maine Portland ME 04101, United States - Portland
    All of the lights on the second light pole on the left field side (near the playground) are out. All of them It creates a very unsafe condition for anyone playing on the field at night
  • BallfieldsAcknowledged
    I-295 N Portland, ME, 04101, USA - Portland
    The lights for one of the basketball courts do not turn on.
  • BallfieldsAcknowledged
    166 Brackett St Portland, ME 04102, USA - Portland
    dog owner had dog on reiche grass field. not breakwater
  • BallfieldsAcknowledged
    91 Douglass St Portland ME 04102, United States - Portland
    The permanent bathroom at Dougherty Field needs to be cleaned - someone pooped and missed the toilet. Love this bathroom, though, there should be more of them!
  • BallfieldsAcknowledged
    Howard Reiche Elementary School 166 Brackett St, Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    Soccer net is broken at the Reiche Soccer Field.
  • BallfieldsAcknowledged
    Deering Portland, ME, USA - Portland
    Trash in the ballfield dugout near the end of Madeline Street. Users should be taught by coaches to carry in/carry out. Maybe we should place a sign asking responsible adults to do just that!
  • 34 Dow Street Portland Maine - Portland
    The sidewalk on the corner of Dow and Brackett is a trip hazard, not only because of the uneven brick, but the larger issue is the bush that has grown to cover the entire sidewalk. I'm not concerned about the brick itself, but the bush needs to go!
  • Brush - RemoveAcknowledged
    257 State St Portland, ME, 04101, USA - Portland
    Esplande not maintained by property owners on State St....poor image on major city gateway
  • Brush - RemoveAcknowledged
    81 Brighton Ave Portland ME 04102, United States - Portland
    The hedges on this property have been overgrown for months & months now. At this point, the sidewalk is entirely impassable. I, an able-bodied person, have to step to the side (nearly into the street) just to walk by. A person in a wheelchair or a person with a stroller would not be able to make it through this section of sidewalk. Please trim the hedges so that the public may have safe use of the sidewalk. Thanks.
  • ParkingAcknowledged
    53 Veranda St Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    This tree on public property needs pruning ASAP; fully obstructing street parking. A new business on Veranda st. has limited the parking available in the neighborhood. This tree is preventing 2 full parking spots from being used.