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City of Portland

Open Issues: 35 Closed Issues: 26,389 Acknowledged Issues: 1,161
  • Abandoned BikesAcknowledged
    25 Maggie Ln Portland 04103, United States - Portland
    In wetland off boardwalk of Ptld Trails
  • Abandoned BikesAcknowledged
    27 Veranda St Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    The left hand turn signal from the 295 off ramp on Veranda St to Bates streets is far too short, it's become a race to beat the red light.
  • Police IssueAcknowledged
    129 Ludlow St Portland 04102, United States - Portland
    Gate left unlocked for several days-padlock is broken.
  • BallfieldsAcknowledged
    166 Brackett St Portland, ME 04102, USA - Portland
    dog owner had dog on reiche grass field. not breakwater
  • BallfieldsAcknowledged
    146-184 Warwick St Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    The ball field at Rowe Elementary School is in desperate need of watering. It was sodded last year and is dry and at risk of dying. It has not rained so please make an effort to water it ASAP!!
  • BallfieldsAcknowledged
    Howard Reiche Elementary School 166 Brackett St, Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    Soccer net is broken at the Reiche Soccer Field.
  • BedbugsAcknowledged
    37 Casco St Portland ME 04101, United States - Portland
    This is the THIRD TIME in just over a year we've had bedbugs in this building. Second time this year in less than four months. I don't know if anything can be done beyond our landlords treating us, but this is unacceptable. Port Property does pay for treatment, but there has to be something preventative that can be done.
  • BedbugsAcknowledged
    880 Forest Ave Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    Bedbugs on 11th Floor
  • Broken Sign PostAcknowledged
    235 Marginal Way Portland, ME 04101, USA - Portland
    sign post down at the Franklin/Marginal way intersection by the highway ramps.
  • Broken Sign PostAcknowledged
    Deering Run Dr Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    Slow Children Sign needs to be repaired.
  • Corner Of Runnells Street And Fellows Street Portland, Maine - Portland
    Barbecue Grill and patio table left on the corner. Street sign knocked over
  • Broken Sign PostAcknowledged
    27 Berwick St Portland, ME 04103, USA - Portland
    The Windsor Heights neighborhood sign post is broken and is on the ground . Needs to be repaired.