City of Portland PLUS

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  • Abandoned BikesAcknowledged
    Quebec St Portland, Maine, 04101 - Portland
    Motorcycle in same spot for a st.on the prom .old fashioned motorcycle with bags.
  • Abandoned BikesAcknowledged
    Portland 04102 United States - Portland
    Harvard Pilgrim bike abandoned. Deering Ave. 295 overpass.
  • Brush - RemoveAcknowledged
    428 Saint John St Portland 04102, United States - Portland
    There are vines, tree limbs, and low lying prickle brushes that obstruct a large portion of the sidewalk just as you are about to walk under the overpass in this area. It has been like this for years now and the growth continues to expand and take over more of the sidewalk with each consecutive year. It is a nuisance that would take mere minutes to trim back to a reasonable length. With as many people pass through here walking from parked cars to Seadogs games, it would benefit many to have this attended to.
  • 100 Federal St Portland 04101, United States - Portland
    I’m not sure where to file this, but this is a safety issue. They are tossing appliance and construction debris off the third story porch.
  • 166-172 Danforth St Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    First escape falling apart. Unsafe and barely attached.
  • 172 Bolton St Portland, Maine, 04102 - Portland
    This triple-decker porch was torn down and rebuilt (with questionable footers, given the additional footer work being done after the rebuild) without a permit or an inspection.
  • 50-98 Hanson Ln Portland, ME, 04101, USA - Portland
    The abutters on Hanson Lane have constructed a stone wall and appropriated this public way as a driveway.
  • 255 Congress St Portland, ME, 04101, USA - Portland
    I don't know if they have a permit or not, but they sure haven't posted one and they sure are building (you can hear the workers from the street.)
  • Butler - CigaretteAcknowledged
    71 Danforth St Portland, ME, 04101, USA - Portland


    no idea why portland downtown with all the tax money it gets cannot empty these on regular schedule. smokers WANT to do the right thing and cannot

    also, please clean it off so it does not look so disgusting and neglected


  • Inspection IssueAcknowledged
    271 Park Ave Portland ME 04102, United States - Portland
    Seadogs facility, all inside customer water fountains been broken since last season, doesn't code require public facility to have operable? Management blames on city portland for maintenance dept
  • Community CentersAcknowledged
    City Hall - Portland
  • Cross Walk SignalAcknowledged
    Deering Ave & Woodford St Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland

    Timing for the crosswalks at Woodfords corner are unreasonably car centric and need to be adjusted. It talks close to 7 minutes to cross both streets, people will not walk if they are forced to wait 7 minutes to get through an intersection.

    What time of day you ask? every time of every day.