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Raleigh City Hall

Open Issues: 969 Closed Issues: 26,409 Acknowledged Issues: 1,845
  • 957 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    Black Sedan with Mako Laboratories painted on the side parked in no parking/bus lane every morning. Westbound Hillsborough Street at Mayo.
  • 2305 Stafford Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    At 401 Oberlin Apartments, there is a POD parked on the Stafford Avenue side in the no parking zone for almost 3 weeks now. It blocks the line sight of the many pedestrians from the restaurant.
  • 1201 Formal Garden Way Raleigh 27603, United States - Southwest
    661 Democracy, bullet holes in windshield, no plate.
  • 500 Haywood Street Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    Abandoned Ford Mustang with no license plate and flat tire parked in street in front of 500 Haywood Street
  • Raleigh Beach Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Southeast
    There is a Black Mazda 6 with no License Plate Parked near the end of Raleigh Beach Road, going towards Neuse River Trail. It disappeared now it's back and I'm tired of seeing it on the street. It makes our neighborhood (Edgewater) look bad.
  • 1113 Mordecai Dr Raleigh, North Carolina - Mordecai
    Champagne colored Buick sedan filled with junk and abandoned on corner of Mordecai Dr. and Poplar St. License plate expired 11-17.
  • 1630 Bickett Raleigh, NC - Five Points
    See above.
  • 1216 Weldon Pl Raleigh 27608, United States - Wade
    No license plate
  • 3800 Iron Horse Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District B
    Silver Volvo NC License #FAX-7486 parked in street for five days at 3800 Iron Horse Road.
  • 2201 W. Charlotte Court Raleigh, North Carolina - Northwest
    Front bumped is damaged. Back windshield has several stickers. Branding on back indicates it was purchased from Elite Auto Sales. Expired tags.
  • 3800 Iron Horse Rd. Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District B
    Grey BMW 328I License ECX-6234 expiration 5/19 abandoned for three days.
  • 3800 Iron Horse Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District B
    Vehicle has been parked on side of street for a week or so. Does not appear to have moved. There is not a home by the car - it's a neighborhood entry road at this point.