Pinellas County - proper PLUS

Pinellas County - proper

Open Issues: 49 Closed Issues: 4,098 Acknowledged Issues: 13
  • North Shore Dog Park St Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    The East entrance of the dog park has standing water that is filled with mosquito Barbie and is dangerous for dogs that are exiting the park. This is an ongoing problem at this dog park and needs to be addressed. Also the water fountains that are in the large dog side of the park drain slowly allowing water to stand in there also. My dog was recently at this dog park and what was in the water and most likely drink some of it causing him to have bacterial infection. We need to make this safe for our dogs and their owners.
  • 6000 Burlington Ave N. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    Multiple farm animals are being kept on this property. I reported a pig in very confined quarters being kept and now they have added another pig. The property is trashed all of the time and smells from the pigs. The pigs are in very small pens and have no interaction except when fed. The home has chickens, ducks, dogs and don't know what else, but this is NOT A FARMING AREA!! They throw their trash on other people's property in the alley, don't clean up after their dogs that are never on leashes and this is totally inconsiderate of their neighbors. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THIS TIME. Don't just close the order without results like the last time. Now they have added to their animals. WAY TO GO CODE COMPLIANCE!
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    11330 80th Ave seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    rats seem to have infested this yard since it became vacant about 3 months ago, I live right behind there and I see at least 5 rats a day in the daylight , and they are coming on my property
  • Largo Central Park - Largo
    At Largo Central Park playground today there were hundreds or more bees EVERYWHERE. They were incredibly concentrated around some if the playground trashcans and on dome play equipment where likely children had spilled sugary drinks. Bees were often landing on children as well. Amazingly we saw no one get stung. This is a very large danger to children and adults though. Some trashcans had swarms of bees around them. Their nest needs to be found and removed. Such a high concentration of bees on such an incredibly trafficked playground is a danger to the community. This needs IMMEDIATE attention.
  • 4th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    At the 4th st boat launch right before the entrance to 275 and the h.f. bridge, there is a man BOLDLY living in the mangroves! he has a fridge, hut, matress, i mean it is FULL ON living! He told me to my face as I took pix that he has "the law on his side". How is THAT possible? Can someone inform me of this "law" that allows someone to squat in protected species, water front, all for FREE??? I mean IF he can actually be there I would like to know how i can be his neighbor!!! I have TONS of pix!!!
  • County ParksAcknowledged
    101 40th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    Returning to the lack safety caused by a water ditch that has a 6 ft drop,this area is city property and being used for office parking. No painting of parking spots,no signage for directional vehicle flow and designated parking side for trailer resident's. Second request to make this area safe with all small children playing in road. Thank you.
  • Rosselli Park Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    The two little motorcycles at that playground have been broken for at least year- when will they get fixed?
  • Wall Springs Park Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Wall Springs Park. Wanted to bring to your attention in the last month we've seen rubbish spread around on the ground near the rubbish bins when visiting the park at sunrise. We assume this is from animals getting into the bins at night. Can you please address this with your park rangers asking them to empty the rubbish bins in the evening to prevent this from happening. Thank you!
  • 3712 56th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - West and East Lealman
    The entire front of the house and porch are covered in furniture and barrels and trash
  • County ParksAcknowledged
    4303 46th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - West and East Lealman
    Retention pond bank needs to be regularly maintained. Overgrowth present larger than 10".
  • 713 43rd Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    The mosquitos are so bad we are getting several bites every time we enter and exit our home.
  • 8001 Orient Way Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Riviera Bay Civic Association
    We have a pond in the back and high grass around it.