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  • 100-298 80th Ave Ne St Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Riviera Bay Civic Association

    Hello, I am submitting this complaint related to Rio Vista Park in St. Petersburg. I live nearby and enjoy walking my dog through the park. Recently, there are gatherings every night of a dozen plus individuals with their dogs off leashes. It kills me to be that person, but its gotten to the point that residents and others who use the park cannot enjoy it without fear their child or dog will be put at risk. Personally, my fear is one the smaller dogs will confront mine, and what may result. This has happened several times and thankfully I was able to control my dog and avoid a negative situation.

    I am sure these are good people and a warning may suffice at first, but we pay a premium to live near an open space that is no longer useful. Leash requirements are posted and politely asking that the dogs be leashed has been unsuccessful.

    I kindly ask that you send someone to witness. If anyone were to visit any time around 6:30ish they will see what the situation has become. Several nights there are 30+ dogs roaming without supervision nor leashes. Again, my greatest fear is that my dog negatively reacts and harms another due to a lack of control on the other p
    owner's behalf.

    I am not submitting any PII here for fear of retaliation, but will reference 'rvp213452' in the event something negative occurs and action was not taken by the county or city.

    Thank you

  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    3990 58th Ave N Saint Petersburg 33714, United States - West and East Lealman
    Trash/food waste dumped at base of tree attracting critters. Bad smell as now rotten and smells like a dead animal.
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    Lake Front Dr Palm Harbor, FL, 34685, USA - East Lake
    Dead deer just off road. East of Presidents Landing entrance off Lakefront Dr
  • 214 Union St Dunedin, FL, 34698, USA - Dunedin
    dead cat on road
  • 1757 16th St S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33705, USA - Melrose Mercy/Pine Acres Neighborhood Association
    This is the area behind the old tax king building. The owners recently started cleaning up the building but there are a lot of garbage bags, office furniture, countertops, large pieces of wood, plus general garbage outside in the back. Two days ago I heard a kitten back there. The man who does the car wash he said it was the first day he had heard the cat too. We have brought it food but the ants often get to it first. It is a gray tiger cat and it is small but we believe it is old enough to eat cat food. The first day it was really scared and ran all around but never left that area behind tax King. Today I brought a different helper and she was able to see the cat for a period of time so I think it’s getting a little less scared. There were no other kittens and no mother to be found. We have two neighborhood cats that I have nicknamed pinky and leather but I have not seen them in a few days. The cat cries during the night and sometimes during the day but is still afraid of people. We have been unsuccessful so far in catching it and I think it might require a professional. My friend is going to check again in the morning but I think you need to send animal control. Further exasperating the situation is that there is so much junk back there it is very dangerous for the little cat to be back there. But I also want it to stay back there until we can catch it so at least it is semi protected. It crawls under boards and different things in that area behind the old Tax King. The owner has periodically come by and put different things in the dumpster so I am afraid that if they come do some more cleanup work there the cat might be injured. So I think we need to get the cat out before they finish the rest of the clean up. What do you need the owner to get that area cleaned up as soon as possible, it looks like someone has been squatting back there there’s a mattress and it is just a big health hazard. But my first priority is that the kitten is rescued.!
  • 1199 Stephen Foster Dr Largo, FL, 33771, USA - Largo
    There is a dead opossum on my street right around 981 Stephen Foster Drive. Can you please come and dispose of it? Thank you.
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    3901-4019 Ridgemoor Blvd Palm Harbor, FL, 34685, USA - East Lake
    Dead deer in retention ditch westbound on Ridgemoor Blvd between Ridgemoor Dr and subdivision of Stratford Commons. Driving through Ridgemoor past Stratford Commons. Make U-turn at four-way stop of Ridgemoor Boulevard and Ridgemoor Drive. Deer will be on right in ditch. Rain has collected where deer is located.
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    3769 Keystone Rd Tarpon Springs, FL 34688, USA - East Lake
    A dead deer at road side under sign "Preserve Entrance 1000ft".
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    Belleair Beach Cswy Belleair Beach, FL, 33786, USA - Belleair Beach
    Wasp nest on South Causeway Bridge railing.
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    5700 Escondida Blvd S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33715, USA - Isla Del Sol Owners Association
    Dead fish on shoreline
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    1070 Keene Rd Dunedin, FL, 34698, USA - Dunedin
    Dead Cat on the side of the road. Right out front of Bank of America
  • Animal RelatedAcknowledged
    1257 Eniswood Pkwy Palm Harbor, FL, 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    Dead or dying armadillo