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Pinellas County - proper

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    901 N Shore Dr Ne Saint Petersburg‎ Fl‎ 33701 United States - Historic Old Northeast
    Could the city please put at least one dog trash bag station on the path along the water? There is no way for people to properly clean up after their dogs if they forgot or ran out of plastic bags.
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    12755 83rd Ave seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    Roosters still Crowing!!!
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    1445 Corey Way South South Pasadena, Florida - South Pasadena
    Requesting that the waterway between Pasadena Avenue South/Corey Causeway Bridge plus Central Avenue Bridge and bridge between Causeway Isles & Yacht Club Estates, be designates as an IDLE SPEED ZONE! Request is to calm boat traffic in that area as many boaters use that area to circumvent/avoid the "idle speed" zone between the Central Ave draw bridge & the Corey Causeway draw bridge in the Intracoastal Waterway. Additionally the shallow bay contains a large seagrass bed, frequented by groups of Manatees in the middle of the bay , entering & exiting under the Pasadena Ave South & Huffman Way bridge. Boats that are avoiding the Intracoastal Waterway ignore NO WAKE and MANATEE ZONE signs, by blasting through the aforementioned area in this part of Boca Ciega Bay. We, as residents of Corey way South since 1987, request the IDLE SPEED ZONE. Thank you for your consideration.
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    7008 66th Street North Pinellas Park, Florida - Commission District 6
    There is a dead kitten in the middle of the road that was killed overnight or in the early am. Please have it removed so it does not get ground into the road. It is still intact and very disturbing to myself and the children that are in that area. This was seen at 10:30 am this morning.
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    5441 Russell Avw Clearwater, Florida - South Highpoint
    The Residence at 5441 Russell Avenue Clearwater has a backyard full of roosters. This is an unincorporated area where no roosters are allowed. They are free range but can be found at that house or on the dead end of Russell Avenue in between Verona Avenue and Winchester. There is at minimum three roosters and they also hang out in the backyard behind 5441 on Verona Avenue. they often hang out at 5442 Russell Avenue as well
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    10735 53rd Ave N St.Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 6
    The Pine Acres Mobile Home Park is becoming more than the neighborhood can bear in terms of being dilapidated and in extremely poor condition. The overall appearance is degrading and in obvious neglect. Several tenants have indicated they are threatened w/ immediate eviction by the landlord or termination of lease if anything is reported. The tenants are very financially vulnerable and are scared to say anything or do anything out of fear of being left homeless. These trailers are rat infested, leaking roofs, plumbing leaks resulting in most being mold ridden. This location is also a haven for sexual offenders w/ there being a pre-school across the street on one side and a girls dance academy across the other street. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • County ParksAcknowledged
    12501 102nd Ave Seminole, FL 33778, USA - Commission District 6
    This crosswalk needs a signal and new lines. Car almost hit me. Cars don't stop when you're in cross walk. 727-492-5300
  • 255 Beach Dr Ne Saint Petersburg 33701 United States - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    There are 10 recycle bins that have been stored under the banyan trees for several days...pls remove
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    8501 58th Street North pinellas park, florida - Pinellas Park
    I drive by this house everyday and it is a complete eye sore. There is trash and junk piled everywhere.
  • County ParksAcknowledged
    Hayes Rd Oldsmar, FL 34677, USA - Oldsmar
    Pinellas County schools police car is being parked at Richard B Rogers park for days at a time. There are only 5 parking spots available to the public. The rest are designated for Oldsmar fire rescue. The fire station has additional parking in front of the building. Can the school police car be parked there instead?
  • County ParksAcknowledged
    Sand Key Dog Park Clearwater Florida - Sand Key
    The dog park is needing a little up keep. The sea grape 's are creating piles of leaves everywhere which keeps sand fleas multiplying. There are also red ants everywhere in the park biting up the dogs and people. Most of the regulars would love to help the up keep of the park. If we were supplied rakes or shovels to fill holes that keep getting deeper and deeper it would be appreciated. Another issue are the benches are old and if we could get a picnic table that is fresh to sit on that won't rip up your pants when you sit down that would be great. Thank you for your time!
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    14644 113th Ave N largo, Florida - Commission District 6
    This parks parking lot gets a huge amount of traffic from recycling drop off. A few weeks ago a jeep was doing donuts in the middle of the day. There are a lot of ruts and holes. In particular the pot hole just as the asphalt ends. The entire lot is getting pretty rough for my little car. Thanks