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Pinellas County - proper

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  • 2217 Lakewood Dr. Dunedin, Florida - Commission District 2
    This house is in total disrepair. Opossums live in the back yard. The bee hive is so huge now that the bees are going into the owners home (who has passed away). They're now swarming my home as well. The home is falling apart & should be looked at as soon as someone can. Please help!
  • 5000 43rd Street South Saint Petersburg, FL 33711, United States of America - Maximo Civic Association
    Dog is left outside most of the time. Barks during the early morning hours. Usually awaken by barking around 2 am on most nights. This has been going on over a year.
  • 55th St. N. And 2nd Ave St. Peteresburg, FL - Live Oak Neighborhood Association
    Live Oaks Park at the corner of 55th St N and 2nd Ave has been frequented by unattended young child for long durations of time over the past week - that however is not the problem I am reporting about. The children are very respectful when I am at the park, conscientious of other children and respectful to adults. The past few afternoons/nights the children have been taking items from local trash piles and destroying them while scattering the parts around the playground. Today I picked up the area around the park but there are paper scraps, water bottles, napkins, food wrappers, parts of a wooden door, socks, etc. all over the park. I love to see the park being used and keeping these children entertained and active, I do not however like to see the park trashed, which it has been.
  • 3002 Regal Oaks Blvd. Plam Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    At all times of the day, if the pool screen door or house door is opened for even a brief time, the insects are getting into the house and biting at all times of the day
  • 855-857 Crestridge Cir Tarpon Springs, FL 34688, USA - East Lake
    Mosquitoes throughout the night in our neighborhood is severe.
  • Pinellas TrailAcknowledged
    Pinellas Trail St. Petersburg, FL 33710, USA - Commission District 7
    Along the trail between 13th ave and 9th ave specifically, the ditch of the trail holds water year long. The ditch hasn't been cleared in years and it's causing water to not flow properly (or at all in places). An abundance of brush and overgrowth has accumulated on most of the culverts. Bare minimum the ditches need to be cleaned up with the potential of having to use machinery (backhoe, etc.) to get proper drainage flow. Many more pictures available upon request (app appears to only allow one picture upload per report).
  • Pinellas TrailAcknowledged
    179 Orange Street (East Side Of Street) Palm Harbor Florida - Palm Harbor
    Wire hanging from overhead line - looks to be the spiral support for cable - not power, but still could be a safety issue for pedestrians
  • OtherAcknowledged
    2100 34th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida - Oakwood Gardens Neighborhood Association
    I am on a dead end (butt up against the interstate) on the south side with on other home on the north (facing). At the end of the street is a guardrail and there is also concrete trenches to flow water overload from the interstate. This past Friday (rain) there was water ankle high from and at least expanded over 2 feet in width. It is virtually impossible for anyone coming to my home to even cross those puddles without providing rubber boots. I have lived her prior to the interstate being installed and the area of growth behind the guardrail is not maintained and it is quite the eyesore.
  • 5th Ave N And 16th St N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    need to take the shelter down, homeless hangout and sleep in the shelter, no riders can use it.