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Pinellas County - proper

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  • 545 Corey Ave Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Pete Beach
    I am using this one stop as an example of all the shelters like this in the county. While it is nice looking it provides NO SHELTER from the weather, esp. when it is raining, can stand in the shelter and get really wet (and that is without any wind causing the rain to go into the shelter) all those little holes on the side need to go and there needs to be something solid. I am guessing whoever came up with this shelter does not know what it is like to wait for the bus in the rain/storms. How about giving the shelter actual shelter for the passengers!!
  • 3200 Central Ave Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    Security at grand central is the worst! Why bother paying? the one lady just stands there and stares into space and does NOTHING when you tell her something (like people smoking in no smoking area, throwing lit cigs in the grassy area etc). As a female I never feel safe waiting for the bus. Last week there were people smoking weed and no security around. Why are they only there during certain hours and not from the first to the last bus? last week a lady told a male who was smoking that he was in the non smoking area. she didn't cuss him out or anything and he became very vulgar and making all kinds of threats. calling the cops is pointless as the person is usually gone. We don't want excuses we want results along with having the bathroom open decent hours, imagine having a small child and can't use the bathrooms because they are closed, that is discrimination point blank! PSTA says they care time to step it up!
  • PSTA - Bus StopsAcknowledged
    11590 4th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg

    One of the bus drivers keeps taking their breaks right before the gas station driveway instead of at the actual bus stop. This creates two problems.

    1) Drivers have to cross the double yellow lines to get around the bus because it hangs out into the road. When it's at the actual bus stop, it's only blocking the right turn lane, so drivers can safely pass in a lane that's in the same direction of travel.

    2) People trying to get out of the gas station can't see traffic coming, and people passing the bus can't see people trying to get out of the gas station.

  • PSTA - Bus StopsAcknowledged
    4805 16th St N Saint Petersburg 33703, United States - Euclid Heights Neighborhood Association
    A trash can needs to be placed at this bus stop - there is always so much trash discarded and the wind blows it into all of the surrounding yards and into 16th St.
  • 1401 5th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Uptown Neighborhoods
    There is constant illegal activities going on here as well as non bus riders using the benches...that are suppose to be for riders a hang out spot, as well as use and sell drugs. cops keep getting called and they keep coming back. Riders do not feel safe here, esp. females as we get sexually harassed! The benches need to GO, we don't care about how many people catch the bus there and how its enough to have a bench, we care about all the illegal stuff going on!! How about moving the bus stop a little further west on 5th ave, maybe closer to 15th st n where it is across from the police sub station. If PSTA really cares about their passengers and their safety then step up and telling us to call the cops is getting old!
  • PSTA - Bus StopsAcknowledged
    12485 28th St N Saint Petersburg 33716, United States - St. Petersburg
    Sidewalk blocked by plants. Need trimming back
  • PSTA - Bus StopsAcknowledged
    4213 9th St N St. Petersburg, FL 33703, USA - St. Petersburg
    Please install a trash can at this bus stop. There is constantly trash, including shattered glass bottles, being thrown in the adjacent yards and sidewalk.
  • PSTA - Bus StopsAcknowledged
    6004 9th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Eagle Crest Homeowners Association
    PSTA removed the bench from the bus stop at the WaWa on 9th Avenue No and Tyrone Blvd. - ok - I get it - people were sleeping on it - but when you removed it there was a disgusting bunch of homeless people's items on the bench which your staff dumped on the ground where it now sits and molders. You took the bench and left the nasty trash behind. Good Job!