Town of Hillsborough PLUS

Open Issues: 32 Closed Issues: 1,322 Acknowledged Issues: 92
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    70 Mc Creery Dr Hillsborough, CA, 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    This ADU construction has been completed for several months but the landscaping has not been completed nor has the unsightly contracting fence been removed. Please enforce codes requiring project completion including landscaping.
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    2225 Forest View Ave Burlingame, California, 94010 - Hillsborough
    Newly installed hedge at the corner of ForestView (2225 Forest View) and Fern Ct is covering up the stop sign and creating visibility issues at the intersection. I contacted Tim Anderson from the Building Dept, and he said it's a public works issue. Please advise.
  • Code EnforcementAcknowledged
    2100 Forest View Ave Hillsborough CA 94010, United States - Hillsborough
    Illicit discharge to storm drain from construction company. Heavy sedimented water from site going into storm drain with no filter to minimize infiltration
  • 2200 Ralston Ave Hillsborough, California, 94010 - Hillsborough
    Owners have built a fence and planted a hedge right next to the creek way. Which I believe is not permitted.
  • 500 El Cerrito Ave Hillsborough, CA, 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    Bush is overgrown into the already narrow road around a blind curve
  • Park IssueAcknowledged
    30 La Salle Rd Hillsborough, CA, 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    Good afternoon,
    Is it possible to send a crew to clean up the area around Chateau and Provident?
    The couple of blocks on that area on the right hand side going up hill towards skyline is so dirty, filled with garbage and debris. A clean up is so necessary both for safety and fire prevention.
    Thank you so much for your attention to this matter.
    Mahtab Nikoo
    Long time residence of Hillsborough
  • Litter / DumpingAcknowledged
    64–98 Lookout Rd Hillsborough CA 94010, United States - Hillsborough
    Our neighbor's son has dumped this non-running car in the canyon. The owner of the house is deceased and he the son is under an eviction notice but due to COVID-19 he cannot be evicted there are four cars in the driveway at 95 Lookout which is the address and he has parked that white car down in the canyon and it makes our street look like a ghetto.
  • 1000-1198 Jackling Dr Hillsborough, CA, 94010, USA - Hillsborough


    Five or six large trees/logs floated down Easton creek and wedged across it adjacent to my property (1100 Jackling Dr, Hillsborough). We removed them from the creek, cut them into manageable sections (roughly 4' long and 12" wide), and placed them at a location where they cannot be washed back into the creek.

    Would it be possible for you to collect them, so that we don't have to pay to dispose of them? For context, none of them originated from our property, and we believe we have done our neighbors a service by not return them to the creek.


  • Hillsborough California - Hillsborough
    Basketball hoop on street at 3771 Country Club Dr, Redwood City.
  • Park IssueAcknowledged
    945 Culebra Rd Hillsborough, CA, 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    The red paint along the curbs by Vista Park are chipping away and fading. They could use a fresh coat of red paint.
    Thank you!
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    210 Uplands Dr Hillsborough CA 94010, United States - Hillsborough
    Terrible paving job! It needs to be fixed since it's very uneven now
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    20 Ridgeway Rd Hillsborough, CA, 94010, USA - Hillsborough
    On the westbound lane of Crystal Springs Rd. (Hillsborough jurisdiction) just before the stop sign at the Hillsborough/City of San Mateo border, there are several potholes on the roadway on the bridge over the creek.