Town-Wide Issues PLUS

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  • 380 E Horseshoe Ave Gilbert, AZ 85296, USA - Gilbert
    was out walking this morning and noticed a yellow fire hydrant outside 380 e horseshoe. it looked like water was percolating up from the ground. possible leak. not sure if it's been reported yet.
  • 85297 Gilbert, AZ, USA - Gilbert
    There is a Hydrant at the above address that has a water leak. Hydrant was checked and made sure to be off by the Fire Department. It appears the leak is coming from underground and will need to be fixed by the water department. Thank you.
  • OtherOuvert
    E Los Altos Dr Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
    Street blocked by parked cars, bulk trash, and pile of sand. The parking on the street is out of control and only allows for a narrow passageway for one car.
  • 215 N Cooper Rd Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA - Gilbert
    city property in disrepair. been like this several months now. please fix before my Christmas party. looks awful
  • 215 N Cooper Rd Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA - Gilbert
    when they were here in August for the last complaint they only fixed the single tree in the photo. making multiple requests so each is corrected
  • 4045 S Watauga Dr Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
    Please trim tree located at fire station. Leaves going into pool causing issues with pool pump.
  • 765 W Aviary Way Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA - Gilbert
    dead tree needs to be removed before it falls and destroys fence.
  • 101 E Williams Field Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85295, USA - Gilbert
    I just drove by to pick up groceries, and noticed the storage unit holding fireworks is rather close to the pumps and the locations where they refill the tanks.
  • OtherOuvert
    102 W Vaughn Ave Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA - Gilbert
    FIRE EXTINGUISHERS MISSING located at address above on 4th level at Parking Garage.
  • OtherOuvert
    36 E Vaughn Ave Gilbert AZ 85234, United States - Gilbert
    Missing 2 out 3 fire extinguishers missing
    From on top of the parking garagesagt
    30 E Vaughnarag
  • 6710 S 161st Pl Gilbert 85298, United States - Gilbert
    Cannot fully turn hydrant due to wall is in the way.
  • GraffitiReconnu
    222 N Ash St Gilbert, AZ 85234, USA - Gilbert
    located at public 🚻 area... i would call it a cement bench.