Town-Wide Issues PLUS

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  • Guadalupe Rd & Pheasant Dr Gilbert, AZ 85234, USA - Gilbert
  • 3978 E Vaughn Ave Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert
    A request was submitted a couple of weeks ago related to potential controlled trail crossing on Recker between Guadalupe and Elliot, but has since been archived. It would be appreciated if that study would also include providing restrictions to vehicles using the public utility easement as a cross cut from Recker to Power Rd and Highland High and from Recker to the next block west. This easement, while necessary, allows all types vehicles to travel, unrestricted, blending both pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. It also creates additional noise, dust and potential safety concerns near the residents who live on the border of this access. Thank you.
  • S Recker Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85296, USA - Gilbert
    Crosswalk light at Recker Rd., just south of the Santan 202 Freeway, needs to be upgraded to those similar at Elliot Rd. and the Eastern Canal/Santan Vista Trail. Current lights at Recker and the 202 are difficult to see at dusk and dawn, so people just zip past them, and almost hit pedestrians and bike riders.
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    4233 S Penrose Dr Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
    New sera started at this address What is the process for getting trash and recycling cans?
  • 121-199 W Betsy Ln Gilbert, AZ, 85233, USA - Gilbert
    Water leaking from meter
  • 129–153 E Civic Center Dr Gilbert 85296, United States - Gilbert
    What is the story with Welcome Home Veterans Park adjacent to the Gilbert Police and Fire buildings? I remember the groundbreaking for it and now construction is at a stand still for well over a year. How is it that two other much larger parks in south Gilbert are being completed but this very important one honoring our service members is in limbo? It’s a disgrace.
  • 3432 E Strawberry Dr Gilbert AZ 85298, United States - Gilbert
    Have been following 4 month cleanup of Queen Creek wash between Recker and Higley. Not sure if they are done yet, but there are a lot of large branches and limbs littered throughout the wash left by Yellowstone Landscape company. Would hope that they would complete the job they contracted to do. Looks terrible.
  • S Wade Dr Gilbert, AZ, 85295, USA - Gilbert
    Although previous work order Service Request ID: 2020-04153 was completed and closed and the area looks much better. A second round of weed spraying should take place as they are sprouting up all over again. Not only in the fenced in area, but also the sidewalk areas along Wade Dr and Galveston.
  • 200–248 S Long Meadow Dr Gilbert AZ 85233, United States - Gilbert
    This is a disgrace for the city to allow this to get this bad. I know that the property behind Lowes is even worse. Hard to walk on the sidewalk, I will now walk on the street instead of the sidewalk.
  • 147 E Water Tank Rd Gilbert, AZ 85296, USA - Gilbert
    Slurry seal was done on Water Tank Rd about a month ago, and the workers went around a neighbor's property. Now there is a huge portion of the street that is unfinished and needs done. As you can see in the photo, there is still a shipping container on the road that shouldn't be there. Neighbors should store their personal property on their own property and not the public road, as it can lead to issues such as this. Please get our road fixed as it is a pain to look at!
  • 5357 S Ranger Trl Gilbert, AZ, 85298, USA - Gilbert
    General Inquiry: Who is responsible for maintaining the landscape in the medians on Power Road from Ocotillo to Queen Creek Rd?
  • 1026 N Marble St Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert
    This Saguaro Cactus has been addressed 2 times to the owner of 1026 N Marble St Gilbert, AZ 85234. The size, growth and the movement of the Saguaro has compromised the concrete block wall, it has separated the fence wall at 1032 N Marble St. Gilbert, AZ 85234.
    It is cause for great safety concern, to the residence of this address, there are children, and animals that walk and play in that area.