Town-Wide Issues PLUS

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  • 3566–3598 E Portola Valley Dr Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
    Bushes blocking view of carsat the corner of Portola Valley Dr and Atherton
  • 3560-3752 E Guadalupe Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert
    Tree hanging onto sidewalk and bike lane. Cannot safely ride without getting hit in face by branches. Mormon Church on Guadalupe road and Kenneth Lane.
  • 2065 E Brooks St Gilbert, AZ, 85296, USA - Gilbert
    Low hanging tree. Hits car unless driving on wrong wife of the road.
  • 2401-2449 S Higley Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85295, USA - Gilbert
    SE corner of Higley and W.F rd landscaping is overgrown
  • 90-154 W Houston Ave Gilbert, AZ, 85233, USA - Gilbert
    There's a tree down on Houston between Gilbert and Neely.
  • 3541 E Appleby Dr Gilbert, AZ, 85298, USA - Gilbert
    The weeds in the water reclamation area are so tall they are blocking view from back yard. Please remove. They are directly behind my house to the left of the big tree. Thank you.
  • S Higley Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85298, USA - Gilbert
    Down Palo Verde Branches left over from last months wind event. They were downed on Higley but dragged to their current location to clear Higley. They have not been removed and are dead and an eye sore. They need to be removed.
  • 90 S Val Vista Dr Gilbert, Arizona, 85296 - Gilbert
    I am 6'2" tall and this is a weed next to me nearly as tall. Behind Safeway at Val Vista and Elliot there is a huge weed problem that isn't being taken care of. This will invariably contaminate my yard as I back up to this complex.
  • 4075 S Higley Rd Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
  • 1418 E Aspen Ave Gilbert, AZ 85234, USA - Gilbert
    tree broken and partially fallen onto street light at intersection of Guadalupe and Park village
  • 5574 S Greenfield Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85298, USA - Gilbert
    Town of gilbert came out and removed orange trees from their retention property and left behind a mangled ugly chain link fence that’s an eyesore. The fence is town of gilbert property and needs to be removed or replaced. We should not have to look at this.
  • 1446 E Buffalo St Gilbert AZ 85295, United States - Gilbert
    Retention area behind Kohls and Sprouts shopping center is not being maintained by property management company or Kohls shopping center.