Town-Wide Issues PLUS

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  • 90 E Civic Center Dr Gilbert 85296, United States - Gilbert
  • 28 E Vaughn Ave Gilbert AZ 85234, United States - Gilbert
    All odd EV chargers in east downtown lot are out First does not report fault, but will not charge Third reports fault Fifth is known from before Thanks
  • 28 E Vaughn Ave Gilbert AZ 85234, United States - Gilbert
    First EV charger from south is broken
  • Hydrant leakingОткрыта
    4037 E Morrison Ranch Pkwy Gilbert, AZ, 85296, USA - Gilbert
    This hydrant has a leak.
  • Fire HydrantОткрыта
    3370 E Page Ave Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert
    Large tree blew over onto a fire hydrant 5/17/21. Tree was partially removed 9/20/21. Inspection/testing of the hydrant for damage, proper operation may be warranted.
  • Fire Hydrant DrippingОткрыта
    502 S Pueblo St Gilbert, AZ, 85233, USA - Gilbert
    The fire hydrant at Lago Blvd. and Pueblo St. is dripping.
  • Fire HydrantОткрыта
    1651 S Starling Dr Gilbert, AZ 85295, USA - Gilbert
    someone hit the fire hydrant with a car. its broken off and laying there
  • OtherПризнана
    1056 W Windhaven Ave Gilbert AZ 85233, United States - Gilbert
    The marker that is in place to show where fire hydrants are has become dislodged in front of 1072 W. Windhaven Avenue
  • OtherОткрыта
    3668 E Angstead Ct Gilbert 85296, United States - Gilbert
    Hydrant is out of service. Missing small steamer cap
  • OtherОткрыта
    4289 E Pyrenees Ct Gilbert AZ 85298, United States - Gilbert
    Fire hydrant near the corner of S Crestview Dr / E Argyle Dr has been leaking for months
  • 85297 Gilbert, AZ, USA - Gilbert
    There is a Hydrant at the above address that has a water leak. Hydrant was checked and made sure to be off by the Fire Department. It appears the leak is coming from underground and will need to be fixed by the water department. Thank you.
  • 1351-1499 N Fiesta Blvd Gilbert, AZ, 85233, USA - Gilbert
    Brad (Security) from Northrup Grumman 1440 N. Fiesta Blvd. Gilbert, AZ 85233 called Fire Admin. about a vehicle that struck a hydrant close to the business. Please call him @ 480-355-7100. Currently it's not leaking. Thank you, Steph Torres from Fire Admin 480-503-6357