Town-Wide Issues PLUS

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  • 1101-1199 N Burk St Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert
    Large dead tree on East side of Burk just South of Houston in unmaintained Town of Gilbert property. This was reported on Gilbert 311 early this Summer before the monsoon season as a danger. It remains there and looks terrible.
  • 1922 E Lexington Ave Gilbert AZ 85234, United States - Gilbert
    At the powerline trail, just south of where it intersects the east/west trail, the water irrigation for the trees has been running for days. Not just in the area photographed but south of there too. Not a Town issue probably but maybe you can reach who is responsible ? ?
  • OtherПризнана
    202 S Bronco Ln Gilbert AZ 85233, United States - Gilbert
    Tree located in Madera Parc, directly behind our house at 202 S Bronco has been dying and is now pretty much a goner. Tree is maintained as part of PKID. Can it be added to a remove list?
  • 837 E Harvard Ave Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert
    Last July a monsoon storm blew over a tree on Heritage adjacent to our property on Harvard. I would like it replaced as it is provides a intended canopy over Heritage and provides shade on the west side of our home.
  • 902 E Rawhide Ct Gilbert, AZ 85296, USA - Gilbert
    My backyard is under attack by voles. These rodents are eating my plants, shrubs and trees. My backyard is parallel with the railroad tracks. If you walk the tracks you will quickly see the holes made by these critters. Will the town take a look and take steps to exterminate these pests?
  • 1626-1658 E Williams Field Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85295, USA - Gilbert
    Weeds and grass a foot high on sidewalks at bus stop locations along williams field rd
  • 3045 E Baseline Rd Gilbert AZ 85234, United States - Gilbert
    Weeds are overgrown around this well site please remove.
  • 4273 E Washington Ct Gilbert AZ 85234, United States - Gilbert
    Storm brought down tree branches Tree branches placed on curb outside of the residence Can town pick up the large branches? Thank you
  • 700 N Gilbert Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert
    There are several, what appear to be dead trees in the area of the wells fargo and the business just south of it. During this recent storm I watch large limbs fall off and my concern is that someone may get hurt, or our community wall will be damaged of it were to come down during a monsoon. Will you please assess it for safety? Thank you.
  • 385 N Gilbert Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert

    Citizen Alert to Government Entity:

    Concrete curbs on Hearne Way & Gilbert Road require high visibility paint. Tax payers are tripping on the curbs. The north-south crosswalk provided by government is not being used by citizens staring down at mobile communication devices while walking. Please form a subcommittee and address this issue.

  • 35 N Gilbert Rd Gilbert 85234, United States - Gilbert
    I am a resident of Gilbert that is notifying you that The oleanders in the property owned by Gilbert in which the chamber of commerce parking lot are growing towards the power lines. I reported this today and picked parks and recreation. Rick who is the one who subsequently closed the first issue stated I need to call srp to fix this. It’s not on my property. I maintain my vegetation. Please fix this and trim the oleanders. I notify the town almost yearly about this problem. There is a company that maintains the vegetation in the lot almost weekly, can they trim them? What exactly is the town paying them to do if they aren’t maintaining the vegetation on the towns parking lot? Please address this. And please address and educate those who need to reroute issues to the correct department.
  • 4030 E Lodgepole Dr Gilbert, AZ, 85298, USA - Gilbert