Town-Wide Issues

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  • 1572 E Appaloosa Ct Gilbert AZ 85296, United States - Gilbert
    Utility box is down at the SE corner of Palomino and Val Vista Drive.
  • S Bermuda Dr Gilbert, AZ, 85295, USA - Gilbert
    Fishing line is hanging from the power line
  • 1088 S Roles Dr Gilbert, Arizona, 85296 - Gilbert
    Electrical utility box severely damaged, needs a fix or replacement.
  • 2732 E Valencia St Gilbert, Arizona, 85296 - Gilbert
    This is dangerous!!! The utility box is damaged. It is leaning to one side and sides are open.
    I reported this box 2 months ago with NO RESPONSE.
    Please send me an update today and when the utility box will be replaced.
    ALSO...How do get updates regarding my report on your Gilbert 311 website?
    Please advise.
    Thank you!
  • 4054 E Red Oak Ln Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
    Fiber workers left this open for the last 30 hours Not safe They were here all day yesterday and they closed all the other boxes in the neighborhood but they didn’t do this one and if there’s a clearly open hole and exposed cable.
  • 2582 E Kent Ave Gilbert AZ 85296, United States - Gilbert
    Century link has been out here a few times as I've reported it before
    This utility pedestal is unstable and need to be replaced/fixed The previous visits from techs are them pushing it back up and closing the job
    Wires are exposed and the pedestal will tip over when there's wind
    There is rust on the bottom of the pedestal which maybe why it won't stay in place
    I hate to continue using Gilbert's town resources to report something that should have been taken care of already but I will continue to report if it's simply propped back in place again
    We have kids that play in the cul-de-sac and they need to exercise caution as there are wires and sharp metal around the pedestal
  • 4574 S Marble St Gilbert, Arizona, 85297 - Gilbert
    Request to have this box replaced. We have children and pets and feel the box is a safety issue due to exposure and rust.
  • 4001-4099 E Olney Ct Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert
    I have called the phone company several times (a few years ago) and they committed to fixing, but never did. I am trying a different route through Gilbert 311 to see if this can be resolved.
  • 1243 W Sand Dune Dr Gilbert AZ 85233, United States - Gilbert

    Recently there has been a lot of digging for CenturyLink / cox fiber internet in this area however it extends the north and south. I am trying to find a timeline of a completion date of this project.

    Century link/ Cox have not been able to answer me and Im guessing they had to submit an outline to the city for approval.

    This isn't a complaint I'm just trying to understand when the project might be done (estimated)

  • 1527 E Bautista Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85297, USA - Gilbert
    Looks like its damaged and needs to be fixed
  • 3916 E Cassia Ln Gilbert AZ 85298, United States - Gilbert
    My water meter is blank. I phoned it in over a week ago and still has not been addressed.
  • E Elliot Rd & N Lakeview Dr Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert
    Missing utility service hole cover in the middle of the intersection. #3