Town-Wide Issues PLUS

Open Issues: 282 Closed Issues: 37,535 Acknowledged Issues: 349
  • 1556 S Malabar Ln Gilbert, AZ 85296, USA - Gilbert
    been there since 11a
  • 210-228 S Ocean Dr Gilbert, AZ, 85233, USA - Gilbert
    Illegally parked trucks with 5th wheel trailers. Wrong direction and too close to mailbox
  • 33.31905 -111.79044 - Gilbert
    This boat has been parked here for almost a week I personally have no problem with it but I am on our HOA board and I have had multiple neighbors complain I have also had two neighbors say they almost wrecked because the boat is parked at an intersection and they couldn't see around the boat
  • 4553 E Aspen Way Gilbert AZ 85234, United States - Gilbert
    3rd day in a row this same car has parked in this location in a no parking zone
  • S Avocet St Gilbert AZ 85236, United States - Gilbert
    Parked illegally, too close to stop sign. Makes it very dangerous for cars to turn safely.
  • S Shamrock Estates Rd Gilbert AZ 85298, United States - Gilbert
    All of the wonderful monsoon weather has created a mosquito plague again. Our neighborhood is grossly affected and needs to be treated. Thank you!
  • 3632 E Yeager Ct Gilbert, AZ, 85295, USA - Gilbert
    Cooley Station South is flooded with aggressive mosquitoes! Even worse than last year. What is it going to take for the city of Gilbert to spray the neighborhood? Does someone have to get West Nile again?? :( PLEASE spray the neighborhood, the mosquitoes are out of control!
  • 1202 N Charles St Gilbert, AZ, 85233, USA - Gilbert
    The water retention in this area contains standing water and has created a big mosquito population. The water does not drain properly and this has been an ongoing issue for years.
  • E Del Rio St & S Granite St Gilbert, AZ, 85295, USA - Gilbert
    Abandoned Walgreens shopping car.
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    1945 S Ashland Ranch Rd Gilbert AZ 85295, United States - Gilbert
    Fallen tree branch
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    2454 E Sheffield Rd Gilbert AZ 85296, United States - Gilbert
    Growth in median on San Tan Pkwy over 6' high in places:difficult/dangerous to make turn into Greenfield Lakes (onto Camilla Dr) - unable to see oncoming traffic coming from the south. PLEASE HELP!!
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    447 S Ironwood St Gilbert AZ 85296, United States - Gilbert
    Bulk trash pickup missed at my house