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  • 7240 146 Street Surrey, BC V3S 9L8, Canada - Surrey
    I have noticed Inground sprinklers on all morning during the week.
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    11069–11095 120 St Surrey V3V, Canada - Surrey

    I believe it has been for a couple of weeks now that the City of Surrey and Canadian flags have been flying at half mast at the entrance to the city from King George Boulevard and the Pattullo Bridge (near Scott Rd SkyTrain).

    The BC flag has continued to fly at full mast.

    Please could this be corrected.

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    15499 37b Ave - Surrey
    Barking dog complaint. Resident let’s dog bark at all hours!
  • 16573 84 Ave Surrey, BC V4N 3H3, Canada - Surrey
    Tires have been dumped in the park and need to be removed.
  • 8612 Tulsy Crescent Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    There is loud music blooming throughout the neighborhood, late into the night. It is 1:30 am, and it is still going on.
  • 13670 62 Avenue Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Panorama South 62 is being built across the street from my house and last night as well as tonight they are still working and it is after 9pm. The loud booming and banging noises coming from the site is making it hard for my children to sleep.
  • 12115 96 Ave Surrey, BC V3V 1W5, Canada - Surrey
    At the rail crossing on 95th avenue near Scott road two couches and some garbage has been dumped on the south side (Surrey side) of the Avenue.
  • 9729 129a. St Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Their dog continue sly barks day and night it is imposible to relax in my own back yard . i have to even keep windows closed . As a long time home owner 28 years with a nice back yard to enjoy these people are really inconsiderate ! It is totally unfair to that animal and the neibouhood PLEASE do something ! Before the tension becomes to much!!
  • 13313 68 Avenue Surrey, BC V3W 2E8, Canada - Surrey
    Lacrosse box is heavily littered at unwin
  • 16698 Fraser Highway Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Dead raccoon between sidewalk and Rona/jysk parking lot.
  • 11331 96 Ave Surrey, BC V3V 1V7, Canada - Surrey
    A wheel chair and other garbage has been dumped outside 11333 96th Avenue, Surrey.
  • 5978-6010 156 Street Surrey, BC V3S, Canada - Surrey