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  • 16573 84 Ave Surrey, BC V4N 3H3, Canada - Surrey
    Tires have been dumped in the park and need to be removed.
  • 12476 74 Ave Surrey - Surrey
    Unregistered utility trailer full of hazardous garbage. Witnessed a wild animal starting to house under the trailer.
  • 16698 Fraser Highway Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Dead raccoon between sidewalk and Rona/jysk parking lot.
  • 8612 Tulsy Crescent Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    There is loud music blooming throughout the neighborhood, late into the night. It is 1:30 am, and it is still going on.
  • 7261 128th Street Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    There are two dogs that are left outside in their secured backyard for extended periods of time. Both of the dogs bark incessantly. They are left out at various times throughout the day, sometimes as late as 1:00 a.m., and will continue to bark until they are eventually let inside.
  • 17565 65 A Ave Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 7B6, CAN - Surrey
    in black plastic bags on south side of 65A Avenue, West of 176 Street, a carcass of an emaciated dog.
  • 8825 140a Street Surrey, BC V3V 7H1, Canada - Surrey
    Hi ,
    Kindly reporting u that we had a large item pick up scheduled on 26 Aug 2015 (wed) and item was a mattress and boxspring.We already left the item on the curb side on 25 Aug 2015 midnight .I have a driveway at the backside and all my waste collection is picked up there.I saw the truck in front neighbourhood and after half hour I called the waste line and reported them.But still nobody came and they missed my pickup.I had a major elbow surgery and it's very hard for me to put back in forth.Its already at the curb side .So please let them know to take care properly in future.
  • 18921 70a Ave Surrey, BC V4N 5N9, Canada - Surrey
    On 70B south side of street just 30 feet east of 189 a lot of water on the street and it's now frozen. Unknown if it's a broken water pipe or not.
  • 8973 152 St Surrey, British Columbia, V3R 4E5, CAN - Surrey

    Sidewalk drain plugs up everytime it rains, been doing so for months

    Close to Money Mart @ 8975 152 St, Surrey
    (off Fraser Hwy)

  • 7007 151 A St Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 7Y9, CAN - Surrey
    The people start pressure washing early in the morning every weekend and keep that extremely loud machine running for hours. They don’t let other people sleep.
  • 13321 108 Ave Surrey, British Columbia, V3T 2J7, CAN - Surrey
    Was walking by and seen so decided to report. Don't want kids seeing it as it it's just off the sidewalk.
  • OtherOpen
    15132 88 Avenue Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    The Cityof Surrey NO LONGER supports this app..