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  • 12625 Centre Dr Surrey, BC V3V 3C4, Canada - Surrey
  • 14701-14705 62 Avenue Surrey, BC V3S 6N4, Canada - Surrey

    Hello, appears the ground is unleveled here and it's been getting worst and worst for the past year and a half. Can you please have someone take a look and have this filled partially so it even and isn't so hard on the vehicles? It's a big "thump" every time you drive past it.

    Thank you,

    Daniel Hui
    Resident of 14756 62 Ave, Surrey

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    60 & 129 Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Can you please repair the water outlet at Panorama Off-Leash Dog Park? Thank you so much.
  • 17565 65 A Ave Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 7B6, CAN - Surrey
    in black plastic bags on south side of 65A Avenue, West of 176 Street, a carcass of an emaciated dog.
  • 8825 140a Street Surrey, BC V3V 7H1, Canada - Surrey
    Hi ,
    Kindly reporting u that we had a large item pick up scheduled on 26 Aug 2015 (wed) and item was a mattress and boxspring.We already left the item on the curb side on 25 Aug 2015 midnight .I have a driveway at the backside and all my waste collection is picked up there.I saw the truck in front neighbourhood and after half hour I called the waste line and reported them.But still nobody came and they missed my pickup.I had a major elbow surgery and it's very hard for me to put back in forth.Its already at the curb side .So please let them know to take care properly in future.
  • 13321 108 Ave Surrey, British Columbia, V3T 2J7, CAN - Surrey
    Was walking by and seen so decided to report. Don't want kids seeing it as it it's just off the sidewalk.
  • 16574 24 Avenue Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Dead Raccoon on side of road
  • 5716-5770 142 Street Surrey, BC V3X, Canada - Surrey
    Buses hitting tree branch of not cut
  • 130 St & 16 Ave Surrey, British Columbia, V4A, CAN - Surrey
    There is a dead raccoon on the northwest corner of the intersection at 130 st and 16 ave
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  • OtherOpen
    15132 88 Avenue Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    The Cityof Surrey NO LONGER supports this app..
  • 15505 36 Ave Nue Surrey, BC V3S 0Z5, Canada - Surrey
    Chevrolet truck license BR 5490 has been parked on 36 ave at around 155 st for a week. Please check out for potential stolen vehicle.