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  • 19569 Colebrook Road Surrey British Columbia - Surrey
    There is a dead raccoon on the north side of colebrook road between 192 St and the parking lot of High Knoll park. It’s been there since this morning. Another live raccoon was hovering around the carcass. I just drove by it at 9:30 pm and it’s still there.
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    58a Ave Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Trees need to be trimmed or cut down back from highway 10 or can cause damage to the houses in case of wind
  • 9908 126 Street Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
  • 10688 Glenwood Cres.E Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey

    There is a dead raven in front of

    10688 Glenwood Cres.E

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    60 & 129 Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Can you please repair the water outlet at Panorama Off-Leash Dog Park? Thank you so much.
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  • 12625 Centre Dr Surrey, BC V3V 3C4, Canada - Surrey
  • 130 St & 16 Ave Surrey, British Columbia, V4A, CAN - Surrey
    There is a dead raccoon on the northwest corner of the intersection at 130 st and 16 ave
  • 15505 36 Ave Nue Surrey, BC V3S 0Z5, Canada - Surrey
    Chevrolet truck license BR 5490 has been parked on 36 ave at around 155 st for a week. Please check out for potential stolen vehicle.
  • 7007 151 A St Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 7Y9, CAN - Surrey
    The people start pressure washing early in the morning every weekend and keep that extremely loud machine running for hours. They don’t let other people sleep.
  • 13321 108 Ave Surrey, British Columbia, V3T 2J7, CAN - Surrey
    Was walking by and seen so decided to report. Don't want kids seeing it as it it's just off the sidewalk.
  • 17565 65 A Ave Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 7B6, CAN - Surrey
    in black plastic bags on south side of 65A Avenue, West of 176 Street, a carcass of an emaciated dog.