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  • Broken Meter BoxAcknowledged
    303-303 Court St Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Clearwater
    The EV charger on the left in the "west lot" for the Pinellas County courthouse in Clearwater doesn't work. It will charge for a few seconds before shutting off and the red warning indicator light turns on. The one on the right works just fine though!
  • Broken Meter BoxAcknowledged
    Valencia Park 2050 N Hercules Ave, Clearwater, FL 33763, USA - Clearwater
    Valencia Park tennis court - some lights are broken
  • Broken Meter BoxAcknowledged
    13741 Sussex Ave Largo FL 33774, United States - Largo
    This meter box is actually right across the street from 13741, I walk by it every couple days, I keep meaning to call it in. Before somebody steps in it
  • Broken Meter BoxAcknowledged
    2326 Stag Run Blvd Clearwater, FL, 33765, USA - Coachman Ridge
    Street light out.
  • Broken Meter BoxAcknowledged
    Lake Front Dr Palm Harbor, FL, 34685, USA - East Lake

    We have several broken electrical boxes in Lansbrook on Lakefront Dr on the south side of the road. Please see picture attachments and road signs where these are located.

    Thank You
    Dennis Shepherd
    CIC Committee

  • Broken Meter BoxAcknowledged
    2024 Whitney Dr Clearwater, FL, 33760, USA - US Congressional District FL10
    Box is rusted and broken.
    Will not close.
    Possible cable hazzard?
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    5705 61st St N St Petersburg, Florida - US Congressional District FL10
    So our road was paved. That's great. Now its even HIGHER than the yards. The flooding yard problem is no better than it was. Worse even. I'm not an engineer nut I can tell you that the ditch does not drain because it wad never dug out in front of the house next door. There are austrailoam pines growing in it!! All this work for "improvement" and now more water is sitting in our yard because the road is higher than ever and the ditch will become a mosquito breeding ground when this storm is over because the water is not moving. Do you need a new engineer? And why not lower the road before you added more material to it and added to the soggy yard, great for mosquito production???? Also, the new grass on the ditchesbis nice. It is also HIGHER THAN OUR YARD!!! know what that means??? Yep......more water sitting in our yard???? Can the county do something the right way insteadof halfway???? Thanks for the nice thanks for the worsening water sitting everywhere, and mosquito breeding grounds!!!!!
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    545 S Gulf Dr Crystal Beach, FL, 34681, USA - Palm Harbor
    10’ of Mangroves were removed on November 2, 2021, in an effort to improve drainage. The removal resulted in an earth damn, so the water stands instead of drains into the Gulf. This picture was taken during low tide. Prior to removal this area would not have any water during low tide. Please fix.
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    1834 Elaine Dr Clearwater, Florida, 33760 - US Congressional District FL10
    There is overgrown vegetation and tree branches obstructing the water flow. This is causing mosquito and no-see-em issues. Pinellas county surveyed the land and said they sent notices to residence to remove item blocking the easement so they could manage the problem, but nothing has been done. It’s been 6-7 months. Please consider filling in easement or scheduling maintenance.
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    111th Ave N & 111th Ter N Largo, FL, 33773, USA - US Congressional District FL10
    Metal stakes secured into the ground are a severe safety hazard.
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    1850 Elaine Dr Clearwater, FL, 33760, USA - US Congressional District FL10
    Many homes within the area complied with an order to clear drainage easement to help drain rain water, however the ditch in my backyard does not flow because neighboring home did not clear all the trash, weeds, overgrown grass, vegetation etc. This causes standing water which brings mosquitos and other biting insects. Stagnant popped pool also may not help the situation. Weeds grow over into and along my fence from the overgrown vegetation.
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    2950 Fieldbrook Place Clearwater Florida - Pinellas County
    Drainage ditch behind our house is clear and open, when we get even 1 inch of rain, the water drains downhill and then backs up from neighbor's yard into our yard and with last summer's rain in Aug. rose onto our lanai and up to the house wall. Neighbor states his yard drains OK but won't inspect or let us look at the drainage area between our fence and his.