Pinellas County PLUS

Open Issues: 88 Closed Issues: 38,073 Acknowledged Issues: 1,706
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    11373 67th Ave Seminole, FL, 33772, USA - US Congressional District FL10
    A few areas of cracked and damaged Gutters on 67th Ave N, west of 113th St.
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    8226 46th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33709, USA - US Congressional District FL10
    The ditch in the front of the property is overgrown blocking drainage.
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    11301 Bella Loma Dr Largo, FL, 33774, USA - US Congressional District FL10
    The drainage ditch is overgrown with what I believe is an invasive species. This ditch runs along the eastern border of Del Prado and is listed as a possible flood zone if overflowing.
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    Perth Dr & Somerset Dr Largo, FL, 33773, USA - US Congressional District FL10
    Drainage pipe to retention pond backing up with debris forming volcano like opening in pond (above pipe outflow level) for road water to escape/drain into retention pond. Drain on south side Somerset Drive and Perth Drive intersection.
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    1760 Harmony Dr Clearwater, Florida, 33756 - Largo
    This ditch has a blocked drain which prevents the water from flowing. The water pools next to the rip rap and will not drain adequately as the other side of the drain is higher and clogged with soil and debris. The ditch is directly behind my property and the whole ditch needs work.
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    1433 Pine Glen Pl Tarpon Springs, FL 34688, USA - East Lake
    ditch damaged by vehicle
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    Wilcox Rd & 137th St N Largo, Florida, 33774 - Largo
    The ditch on the south side of Wilcox Rd at 137th St N needs maintenance. It is clogged with standing water and debris; there's a bad odor coming from it.
  • Ditch ObstructionAcknowledged
    700-798 Cypress Lakes Blvd Tarpon Springs, FL, 34688, USA - East Lake
    The culvert at the driveway of 736 Cypress Lakes Blvd is fully blocked, affecting drainage through the ditch.
  • EnvironmentalAcknowledged
    1012 E Lake Dr Tarpon Springs, Florida - East Lake
    notice all the tractor marks with Mr. Parish manipulation of the wetland
  • 1771-1781 Braxton Bragg Ln Clearwater, FL 33765, USA - Pinellas County
    sarnago and sons, 1741 N Keene Rd, Clearwater, FL 33755
    they are directly adjacent to residential homes, they dump waste water into the resident drain ditches that flow to ponds, they crush concrete all day long which pollutes the air (a proven carcinogenic), air sample tests have shown that they are above legal limits, processing concrete is strictly forbidden this close to residentials, they start noisy work before 7am weekdays, the residents who live there were never told in advance of this facility being build, there was no notice of public hearing before they built this facility. they take organic waste garbage at this facility even though they are forbidden to, city of Dunedin is now dumping their municipal garbage at this facility as well, residents have been asking for city and county and state help for many months but nobody will help even though there are multiple violations happening daily. young children live here, 15 feet from an illegal concrete crusher and garbage dump! does nobody at the county or city care at all? does the free press need to get involved before this facility is brought to code or shut down?
  • EnvironmentalAcknowledged
    405 Harborview Ln Largo, Florida - Harbor Bluffs
    I have reported this before and nothing has been rectified. These people have removed all the trees from the property and now they have heavy equipment onsite with no permits posted. I am sorry I chose mangroves, but I could not find a selection that fit the issue.
  • EnvironmentalAcknowledged
    179 Lakeview Way Oldsmar Florida - East Lake
    A home owner, Diane Mongiello, at 179 Lakeview Way, Oldsmar, in East Lake Woodlands had a large, healthy hardwood tree illegally cut down by TLC Landscaping on 1/24/2019 without the necessary permit. The entire neighborhood is appalled at this. Please investigate.